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Understand the concept of placement machine SMT
PCB Tech
Understand the concept of placement machine SMT

Understand the concept of placement machine SMT


The SMT placement machine is actually a fine industrial robot. It gives full play to the high-tech effects of modern fine machinery, electromechanical integration, photoelectric combination, and computer-controlled PCBa technolo to complete high-speed, high-precision, and intelligent electronic assembly production equipment. According to the assembly technology requirements and the manufacturer's design philosophy, people have launched placement machines with different functions, different uses, and different grades.

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The placement machine is the general name of the placement equipment in the industry. In the early days, people called the placement equipment as pick-and-place equipment (Pick-and-Place Equipment) or placement equipment according to the basic functions of placement. Mounting machines (Chip Mounter or Component Mounter as well as Chip Placement and Component) were popular around the 1980s and 1990s, which were specially designed for chip component (Chip) turret type high-speed placement machines, and the placement speed reached 3,600 pieces. /h (usually indicated by cph), also known as Chip Shooter.

The placement machine is an electronic production equipment that has a relatively large proportion of value, a high technical content, and a large impact on the entire assembly production capacity and power of the entire SMT production equipment. The key to the selection and equipment of the SMT assembly line is the placement machine.

But no matter which type of placement machine is composed of the following 5 main parts

(1) Identification and monitoring system · Identification system: During the operation, the placement function and orientation of the identified objects (PCB, feeders and components) are confirmed. Monitoring sensors: The placement machine is equipped with various types of sensors, such as pressure sensors, negative pressure sensors and orientation sensors. They have the same eyes as the placement machine, and they monitor the normal operation of the machine at time. The more sensors used, the higher the level of intelligence of the placement machine

(2) Mechanical system Rack case: It is the "skeleton" and "skin" of the patch device, supporting all transmission, positioning and transmission mechanisms, and maintaining various mechanical and electrical hardware of the machine. Transmission mechanism: Its function is to send the PCB to a predetermined position, and then transfer it to the next process after the patch is completed. Servo positioning system: One of its functions is to support the placement head to ensure precise positioning of the placement head; the other is to support the PCB loading platform and complete the movement of the PCB in the XY direction. This system determines the placement accuracy of the machine.

(3) The feeder system provides the SMC/SMD to the placement head according to a certain rule and order for accurate picking, so it occupies a larger number and orientation in the placement machine.

(4) Computer hardware and software system It is the control and operation system of the placement machine, which directs the placement of the placement machine to operate effectively.

(5) SMT head system The placement head is a key component of the placement machine. After picking up the components, it can automatically calibrate the position under the control of the proofreading system, and accurately place the components in the specified position.