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Lack of high-end skilled talents for SMT patch
PCB Tech
Lack of high-end skilled talents for SMT patch

Lack of high-end skilled talents for SMT patch


SMT equipment involves multiple disciplines such as machinery, electronics, optics, materials, chemical engineering, computers, and automatic control. At present, only a few domestic universities focus on the field of process equipment development or micro-assembly/package. The construction of disciplines, majors and teaching systems supporting SMT has just started, and it is difficult to meet the development needs of the SMT industry. At the same time, the industry is researching and developing electronic manufacturing technology. The influence of talent training is also insufficient, which restricts the improvement of SMT manufacturing competitiveness.

1. The localization path of SMT equipment

After more than ten years of exploration, the basic technology of the placement machine has matured in China. With the wide application of SMT technology in computers, network communications, consumer electronics and automotive electronics, the time to implement the localization strategy of placement machines is ripe.

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The first is to combine introduction and cultivation, and encourage domestic companies to merge foreign second-rate placement machine companies through industrial investment funds and other methods.

Adopting Samsung's placement machine industry development model, acquiring foreign second-rate placement machine companies through industrial investment funds and other methods, implementing an independent innovation strategy on this basis, and focusing on research and development of key technologies such as placement machine vision technology, motion control, and software. Positioning in the mid-to-low-speed, high-precision, and high-flexibility placement machine market, under the current economic downturn, through mergers and acquisitions, equity purchases, etc., manufacturers with technical advantages but poor market sales, and comprehensive integration of existing technical foundations, Reduce research and development costs and greatly shorten the process of industrialization.

The second is to concentrate national strengths, jointly establish a special R&D team, and strengthen the connection between technology R&D and the market.

The production of placement machines involves multiple disciplines, and it is difficult for a single company to complete it. It is necessary to consider the cooperation and joint development of upstream and downstream links. It is recommended that the government take large state-owned enterprises with a high degree of mechanical and electrical automation as the main body, organize domestic decentralized research and development forces, jointly establish special research and development institutions, and support special funds and actively guide social funds to enter, so as to ensure continuous research and development capabilities through multiple channels. At the same time, technological research and development and market docking are carried out simultaneously and mutually promoted, accelerating the process of industrialization.

The third is to optimize the market environment and accelerate the formulation of China's SMT industry standard system.

On the one hand, we should actively participate in the formulation of IPC's latest SMT-related standards. Regarding the existing Chinese SMT industry standards, we should strengthen the protection of power at the national level. On the other hand, it should follow the development trend of China's SMT market products and technology, actively guide the formulation of domestic electronic manufacturing and assembly process quality technical standards, communicate and share the successful specifications of domestic SMT companies, and promote its development into a new industry standard.

The fourth is to establish a national SMT R&D base to strengthen personnel training and international cooperation.

The country should combine industrial development strategies and regional development advantages, and set up electronic manufacturing skills training bases with SMT as the core around research institutes, universities, and enterprises with a good foundation in SMT-related technologies and processes to cultivate a large number of skilled SMT talents. At the same time, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, and actively participate in international academic exchange meetings and topic seminars.