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PCB Material List

PCB Material List - Rogers RO4350B PCB material specification

PCB Material List

PCB Material List - Rogers RO4350B PCB material specification

Rogers RO4350B PCB material specification

Rogers RO4350B is the most popular radio frequency PCB material. Rogers RO4350B is a hydrocarbon / ceramic laminate with a dielectric constant of 3.48. It meets the requirements of commercial equipment manufacturers for printed circuit boards.

Rogers RO4350B is a patented hydrocarbon resin system / ceramic filler reinforced by woven glass cloth. Its electrical properties are very close to PTFE / woven glass cloth material, and its machinability is similar to that of epoxy resin / glass cloth material.

Rogers RO4350B can use the standard epoxy / glass cloth processing technology while providing strictly controlled permittivity and loss at a fraction of the price of traditional microwave materials. There is no need for special through-hole pretreatment or operation procedures like PTFE PCB microwave materials.

Rogers RO4350B Technical Specifications

Rogers RO4350B PCB Technical Specifications

RO4350B PCB has the following advantages

1. Low RF loss

2. Low dielectric constant fluctuation with temperature

3. Low z-axis thermal expansion coefficient

4. Coefficient of expansion in low plate

5. Low permittivity tolerance

6. Stable electrical characteristics at different frequencies

7. Easy to mass production and multi-layer mixing of FR4, with high-cost performance

RO4350B PCB Typical applications

Cellular base station antenna and power amplifier, Microwave point to point connection (P2P), Automotive radar and sensors, Radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, LNB for live satellite

For high-frequency circuit design engineers, there is now more choice of PCB material than ever before, and each PCB material has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is difficult to select the most suitable PCB material without carefully comparing various parameters of PCB material.

When a circuit design engineer chooses PCB materials, his first concern is whether the frequency of the PCB materials meets the requirements. The main parameters that affect the working frequency of PCB material are whether the dielectric constant and the change meet the design requirements within a certain bandwidth, which is selected according to the working frequency and bandwidth of the actual product. In addition, the dielectric constant also affects the line width of the transmission line or the matching line. The smaller the Dk, the wider the transmission line. Line widths need to be recalculated or simulated for materials with different dielectric constants.

The design DK of high frequency PCB material is not fixed, it has a lot to do with the roughness of the copper foil used in this PCB material. For example, the rougher the surface of the copper foil, the larger the effective DK value of the copper clad, that is, the larger the actual design DK value.

RO4350B of ROGERS PCB is a low loss material of hydrocarbon resins and ceramic filling laminates and semi-cured sheets with excellent high frequency performance (generally below 30GHz). Because RO4350B is processed using a standard epoxy resin/glass (FR-4) process, it also has a low line processing cost. It can be said that RO4350B achieves the optimization of cost and high frequency performance and is the most cost effective low loss high frequency PCB material.

The reason is that when current or electromagnetic wave propagates on the surface of a conductor, if the surface of the conductor is rough, the path traveled by the electromagnetic wave becomes longer, which is equivalent to the increase of DK.

The type of PP tablet used with RO4350B is RO4450F. The specific value of DK can be calculated by referring to the impedance calculation tool of ROGERS:

Download Rogers PCB impedance calculator

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