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The impact of 5G on PCB flexible circuit boards​
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What impact does 5G have on PCB flexible circuit boards?

        In electronic products, PCB flexible circuit boards are used as connecting wires in electronic devices, mainly to conduct current and transmit signals. PCB flexible circuit boards are widely used in communications, automotive electronics, medical, industrial control and other fields. The era of 5G high-frequency and high-speed communication has spawned the demand for high-frequency FPC and the increase in PCB flexible circuit boards brought about by changes in the internal structure of smartphones. On the other hand, terminal innovations such as OLED, 3DSensor, and wireless charging will bring new increases in FPC. Help the global output value of PCB flexible circuit boards to further expand.

flexible circuit boards

PCB flexible circuit board

        Looking at the products of Apple, the leading company with the largest amount of PCB flexible circuit boards, driven by innovative applications, the iPhone series started with the iPhone 4 in 2010, and the amount of FPC has been increasing. In recent years, the proportion of FPC in the entire PCB output value is comparable. Compared with 2010, it has also improved greatly. In the 5G era, FPC will have a large number of new applications in communication base stations, antennas and mobile phones, which will bring a new round of rapid growth in demand for PCB flexible circuit boards. Kaboer Technology is actively developing PCB flexible circuit boards in the 5G era. Application scenarios, and reserve related technologies and projects, to prepare for the major opportunities brought by the 5G era.

        Looking to the future, the trend of 5G and consumer electronics innovation will continue, and the market space for PCB flexible circuit boards will continue to expand, which will benefit related industry companies. In terms of quantity, due to the high working frequency of millimeter waves, 5G communication base stations and mobile terminal equipment have a large demand for high-frequency antennas. From the perspective of the industrial structure, thanks to cost advantages and market demand, the number of mobile phone antennas needs to increase by three times in the next few years, and the consumption of high-frequency FPCs will increase with the increase in the number of mobile phone antennas. According to Kaboer Technology Market, China's PCB flexible circuit board market is expected to reach 51.6 billion yuan in 2021, with a compound growth rate of 10%.

The above is an introduction to the impact of 5G on PCB flexible circuit boards. Ipcb also provides PCB manufacturers and PCB manufacturing technology.