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How to quickly understand PCBA industry knowledge within 7 days and become an expert?

How to quickly understand PCBA industry knowledge within 7 days and become an expert?

Before discussing "how to quickly understand PCBA industry knowledge in 7 days", we must first clarify a question: What is the purpose of you want to quickly understand the PCBA industry? If it is to write a report, systematic output is very important; if it is to change careers, forming your own knowledge system and insights is the key; if it is a task assigned by the boss temporarily, the timeliness of the industry is the core, and it should be within the shortest time. Get the most effective information. In this article, we are going to discuss the second situation.

How to quickly understand PCBA industry knowledge within 7 days and become an expert?

1. Understand the overall trend of PCBA industry development

First, obtain basic information through industry research reports and keyword searches, such as searching for "PCBA processing industry analysis" to obtain reports and academic papers from consulting companies to understand the overall situation of the PCBA industry.

In the process of integrating information, you will encounter some brand-new industry terms or subdivisions that you want to know more about. Then search for more specific information through keyword combinations, such as "What is PCBA", "PCBA processing plant" What are the "PCBA proofing" and so on.

Because the industry report structure is relatively systematic, it can help you quickly establish an overall understanding of the industry. If you know some speed reading skills, you can also quickly browse the industry's TOP book list to get more information.


2. Pay attention to the top ten companies in the PCBA industry.

First, observe the industry's TOP10 rankings, which can help us quickly locate some target companies, and the ranking standards and changes allow us to grasp some key elements with industry influence.

Then, we can sort out the major events and landmark decisions of the leading company in the past 1-3 years, and read the company’s financial reports for the same period, so that we can know the company’s main business, revenue structure, cost structure, staff size, strategic direction, and main risks Wait for information to understand the company’s decision-making reasons and the development trend of the PCBA industry.

Second, subscribe to PCBA industry-related magazines, follow the PCBA industry-related public accounts, forums, and news, and let yourself follow the latest developments in the industry.


3. Grasp the trend of entrepreneurship, stand in the future and look at the present.

If the development context of large companies allows you to see the future from the past, then the growth of small and medium-sized startups allows you to never see the present. Steve Hoffman (Founders Space he co-founded was selected by Forbes magazine as one of the top ten incubators in the world) believes that China is undergoing a technological change, artificial intelligence, big data, etc. are beginning to penetrate all walks of life, and giants such as BAT are difficult to cover. In all respects, the response has not been as fast as small and medium-sized startups. This change will give birth to a group of emerging unicorns, which is likely to subvert existing industries.

Therefore, while paying attention to the dynamics of large companies, we might as well follow the venture capital dynamics of the PCBA industry, understand the latest investment trends, and know what emerging outlets and promising directions are in the PCBA industry.


4. Compare the original industry and PCBA industry.

Comparing the original industry and the PCBA industry is a process of establishing new knowledge channels, which can deepen the understanding of the PCBA industry. Understand the products, services, and business models of the upstream and downstream companies in the PCBA industry chain, and think about the value loop of the PCBA industry. A company is a link in the industry chain. We can use the method of industry value chain analysis to think about the operation of the industry chain and PCBA The role of processing plants in the value chain.


At the end of writing, I want to say that, in fact, the fastest way to learn about the PCBA industry is to directly meet with big guys and talk to the most experienced people in the industry.