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Chinese PCB Design Software [Daquan]

Chinese PCB Design Software [Daquan]

Most of the world-famous PCB design software are produced abroad, which are slightly lacking in the application of the Chinese interface, and there are also some compatibility problems. For entry-level PCB designers, a simple and easy-to-use Chinese version of PCB software is particularly important. After all, English is still a threshold for many people, especially when encountering awkward English professional vocabulary.


1. Chinese version of Expresspcb
expresspcb Chinese version is a very powerful PCB circuit board design software with powerful functions and simple operation. It is the best software for every novice user to get started. It has been used as a reference design software by foreign users at present, which is enough to satisfy users. Demand for use! expresspcb is also extremely simple in operation, very similar to the current CAD software, all of which are designed by taking modules on the left side. Please ignore the English interface when installing, and it will automatically become a Chinese interface after the installation is complete!


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2. CadSoft Eagle Professional Chinese
CadSoft Eagle Professional is an easy-to-use and powerful printed circuit board (PCB) design software. Consists of three modules. Easy to use, powerful! EAGLE is the abbreviation of Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor. The award-winning software provides inexpensive and high-quality solutions for PCB design, including schematic editor, PCB editor and automatic routing. Regardless of whether it is for a team in a large engineering department or an independent department, EAGLE can provide the characteristics of high-quality PCB design software that can successfully complete the work. For more than 20 years, EAGLE has provided the same core functions as expensive commercial software, but only costs a small part of the purchase cost of commercial software, meeting the requirements of engineers from all over the world.


3. DesignSpark PCB
DesignSpark PCB is a very powerful free PCB design software provided by RS Components. It has two main functions: schematic production and printed circuit board layout, and you can also connect to the industry standard Spice simulator for simulation. DesignSpark PCB has a design calculator for calculating circuit impedance values and generating three-dimensional visual effects. These effects can give you a 3D view of your printed circuit board design. DesignSpark PCB is a set of printed circuit board (PCB) design tools developed by RS Components. It has powerful functions and is completely free! You can use DesignSpark to capture schematics (Schematic Capture), design and edit schematics and circuit board wiring diagrams, just use the Translate to PCB function to convert the schematics into wiring diagrams.


4. Sprint Layout Chinese version

5. PowerPCB Chinese version
Powerpcb Chinese version download (printed circuit board design and production tool) is an excellent printed circuit board design software. PowerLogic 5.0 and PowerPCB 5.0 are excellent EDA design software launched by Mentor Graphics. They have become the leader among many EDA design software and are deeply loved by users.