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PCB design automatic routing technology
PCB News
PCB design automatic routing technology

PCB design automatic routing technology


Automated interconnected environment


The increase in PCB design complexity, density and high-speed wiring constraints makes manual wiring of PCB design difficult and time-consuming. Complex interconnect wiring problems can be solved through powerful and automated technology. This powerful, proven automatic wiring The device contains a batch wiring mode, which contains a large number of user-definable wiring strategies, as well as automatic strategy adjustment, interactive wiring environment, with real-time interactive wiring push characteristics, which is helpful for rapid editing of wiring, and has a wide range of The layout planning function and the interactive placement environment with complete component placement characteristics make it possible to make placement changes without switching applications and optimize wiring. By using automatic interactive layout planning and placement functions, PCB designers can improve wiring quality And efficiency, which is directly related to the component layout. In addition, the extensive rule set allows designers to control a wide range of constraints, from the default board-level rules to the rules according to the type of circuit, to the regional rules, the high-speed wiring provided by Allegro products Ability to solve wiring arrangements, timing, crosstalk, wiring layer settings, and special device requirements required by today's high-speed circuits.
Automatic routing
Advanced automatic routing technology provides powerful, shape-based automatic routing. It has the characteristics of fast and high efficiency. Its routing algorithm can meet the interconnection challenges of a wide range of PCB designs, from simple to complex, from low density to high density. And can meet the needs of high-speed constraints. These powerful algorithms use the wiring area most efficiently. In order to find the best wiring scheme for various situations, the router uses a multi-channel, cost-conscious, and conflict-solving algorithm. The rule set provides the ability to control physical and electronic constraints. The extensive rule set has the flexibility to solve specific rules for various wiring elements in the design. The user can define the rules required to meet the general physical/spacing line rules, and complex, The classification rules of the layer high-speed rules.
Manufacturability PCB design
Manufacturing PCB design capabilities can greatly improve the yield of manufacturing. The manufacturing algorithm provides a stretching function that can automatically increase the copper gap according to the available space, automatically stretch the copper, and reposition the copper to create copper and pins. The extra space between copper skin and SMD pads and adjacent copper skins to improve manufacturability. Users can flexibly define various ranges of spacing values, or use default values, adjacent corners and test points can be added In the wiring process, the manufacturing algorithm will automatically use the optimal rule range, starting from the maximum value to the minimum value. Test point insertion can be automatically added to testable vias or pads as test points. Testable vias can be Front-end, back-end or both sides of the PCB design are detected. Single-sided and clamshell testers are supported. Designers can flexibly choose the test point insertion method according to their manufacturing needs. In order to avoid expensive test equipment adjustments, test points can be Yes, fixed, test point constraints include test probe surface, pilot hole size, pilot hole grid, and minimum center spacing.

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