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PCB Blog - Introduction of PCB CNC

PCB Blog

PCB Blog - Introduction of PCB CNC

Introduction of PCB CNC


PCB CNC drilling and milling machine is a typical point-to-point motion control system, which is a key equipment for precision through hole machining of printed circuit boards. With the development of electronic products towards miniaturization and miniaturization, the requirements for the aperture, line width, and line spacing of conductive holes in printed circuit boards are becoming increasingly high. Correspondingly, PCB numerical control systems are developing towards an open direction of high speed, high precision, high reliability, system integration, flexibility, and high intelligence.

PCB CNC drilling

PCB CNC drilling

Advantages of using CNC drilling machines for PCBs

1. More accurate

The position and aperture size are accurate and reliable. The position accuracy of the CNC drilling machine is around+/-0.025MM, which can ensure the accurate assembly of components and the consistency between the drilling center and the position center of the solder pad on the film.

2. More reliable

High reliability. Nowadays, CNC drilling rigs have infrared detection devices and automatic needle breakage alarm devices. If the size of the drill bit does not meet the program requirements or the depth of the drill bit into the board exceeds the tolerance range, it will stop and alarm until the fault is eliminated before continuing to work.

3. Easy to operate

As long as the drilling program is completed and the drilling nozzles are arranged in the order specified in the program, all subsequent work can be handed over to the machine for automatic completion.

4. Fast speed and high efficiency

At present, the efficiency of high-speed drilling machines can reach over 1000 holes per minute, and they will automatically work until the program is completed when there are no faults in the middle. If the drill bit is excessively worn, the drilling rig will automatically replace the new drill bit to work without manual intervention.

Working principle of PCB CNC

The working principle of the PCB CNC drilling machine is to control the position and depth of the drill bit through the CNC system, achieving drilling operations on the circuit board. The CNC system can automatically control the movement and stop of the drill bit based on a pre-set program, thereby achieving efficient and accurate drilling operations. During the drilling process, the drill bit will continuously rotate and push downwards until the drilling is completed.

Structure composition of PCB CNC

1. Machine tool: The machine tool is the main part of a PCB CNC drilling machine, which includes the body, workbench, spindle, guide rail, and other components.

2. CNC system: The CNC system is the core part of the PCB CNC drilling machine, which includes components such as a CNC controller, servo motor, encoder, etc.

3. Drill bit: The drill bit is the working component of a PCB CNC drilling machine, which includes the drill bit clamping device, drill bit, drill blade, and other components.

4. Cooling system: The cooling system is an auxiliary component of a PCB CNC drilling machine, which includes components such as a cooling water tank, water pump, and water pipe.

PCB CNC operation method

1. Start up: First, press the power switch, wait for the machine to complete its self-check, and then press the start button to start the machine.

2. Loading program: Transfer the pre-written drilling program to the CNC system through a USB flash drive or network, and then load the program in the CNC system.

3. Adjust the drill bit: Select a suitable drill bit according to the requirements of the circuit board, and fix the drill bit on the spindle through the drill bit clamping device.

4. Adjusting the workbench: According to the requirements of the circuit board, adjust the position and height of the workbench to match the position and depth of the drill bit.

5. Start drilling: Start the drilling program in the CNC system, and the machine can automatically control the position and depth of the drill bit to complete the drilling operation.

PCB CNC drilling machine is a very important electronic manufacturing equipment, that can achieve efficient and accurate drilling operations, and improve production efficiency and product quality.