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What is isola 370HR PCB
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What is isola 370HR PCB

What is isola 370HR PCB


Isola 370hr is a lead-free compatible product of the same kind in the industry, which is suitable for high-reliability applications in a wide range of markets. Isola 370hr laminate and prepreg are designed by Polycaldo and made of patented high-performance 180 °C Tg FR-4 multifunctional epoxy resin system, which is designed for multi-layer printed circuit board (PWB) applications requiring maximum thermal performance and reliability. Isola manufactures isola 370hr pcb material laminate and prepreg, which is made of high-quality E-glass fabric with excellent conductive anode filament (CAF) resistance. Isola 370hr provides excellent thermal performance with low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) and mechanical, chemical and moisture-proof properties that are equivalent to or better than those of traditional FR-4 materials.

Isola 370HR is basically a prepreg and laminate for printed circuit boards. Printed circuit boards made from 370HR meet RoHS requirements. The most common problem in PCBs is conductive anode wire (CAF), which is an electrochemical corrosion process. In this phenomenon, the copper metal at the anode dissolves and moves to the cathode. This can cause electrical shorts, which are detrimental to any application, especially networks and communications. However, the 370HR PCB is CAF resistant. In addition, they also have high-density interconnections and excellent thermal reliability.

Isola 370hr pcb material

Main factors to be considered in selecting suitable material:

1) Manufacturability:

For example, how about multiple pressing performance, temperature performance, CAF/heat resistance, mechanical toughness (adhesion) (good reliability), and fire rating.

2) Various performances (electrical, performance stability, etc.) matched with the product:

Low loss, stable Dk/Df parameter, low dispersion, small coefficient of variation with frequency and environment, small tolerance of material thickness and glue content (good impedance control), if the wiring is long, consider low roughness copper foil. In addition, high-speed circuit design needs simulation in the early stage, and the simulation result is the reference standard for design.

3) Timely availability of 370hr  material:

The procurement cycle of many high-frequency plates is very long, even 2-3 months; In addition to the conventional high-frequency plate RO4350 in stock, many high-frequency plates need to be provided by customers. Therefore, high-frequency plates need to be communicated with the manufacturer in advance to prepare materials as soon as possible.

4) Isola370hr materials Cost:

It depends on the price sensitivity of the product, whether it is a consumer product or a communication, medical, industrial and military application.

5) Applicability of laws and regulations, etc.:

It should be integrated with environmental protection regulations of different countries to meet RoHS and halogen-free requirements. Among the above factors, the operation speed of high-speed digital circuit is the main factor for PCB selection. The higher the circuit speed, the smaller the PCB Df value selected. The circuit board with medium and low loss will be suitable for 10Gb/S digital circuit; The plate with lower loss is suitable for 25Gb/s digital circuit; The board with ultra-low loss will adapt to faster high-speed digital circuits, and its speed can be 50Gb/s or higher.

Common high-speed PCB include:

1) Rogers: RO4003, RO3003, RO4350, RO5880, etc

2) Taiyao TUC: Tuc862, 872SLK, 883, 933, etc

3) Panasonic: Megtron 4, Megtron 6, etc

4) Isola: 370hr  materials FR408HR, IS620, IS680, etc

5) Nelco: N4000-13, N4000-13EPSI, etc

6) Dongguan Shengyi, Taizhou Wangling, Taixingwei