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What are the equipment of the SMT processing plant?
What are the equipment of the SMT processing plant?

What are the equipment of the SMT processing plant?


The placement machine is the most critical equipment for the PCB board SMT production line with the highest technical and stability requirements. SMT processing plants must have these equipment before processing. For more than 10 years, Chinese companies are still in the exploration stage and prototype trial production stage. They have not launched mature products that have passed the pilot test. Almost 100% of them rely on imports (except for small LED placement machines); foreign companies in China will use core placement machines. Production is located abroad, and the factory in China is mainly responsible for peripheral equipment production and placement machine maintenance and debugging services. In 2013, the domestic import value of automatic placement machines reached 1.301 billion U.S. dollars, and the main source of imports was Japan, accounting for 65.2%; imports from South Korea, Germany, and Singapore accounted for 17.9%, 6.1%, and 3.7%, respectively.


At present, China has become a major electronics manufacturing country in the world. The degree of automation of electronic equipment is a sign of whether a country is a strong electronics manufacturing country. At present, it seems that Chinese companies have made great progress in the printing press, reflow soldering, and AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) equipment in SMT chip processing equipment, and have gradually replaced imported equipment in the field of equipment modification. Requirements for making the first piece of SMT:

1. Check whether the BOM is the latest version.

2. check if there is an ECO. Check whether the materials on the bill of materials are consistent with the BOM.

3. Make the location map of the parts according to the BOM table. This is what IPQC inspectors and engineers must know. Mark the position of the part, mark the mark of the resistance on the position of the resistance, mark the specifications and models on the IC, and so on, so that you can find it. When there is an ECO, it needs to be marked accordingly on the map. The first piece can be made according to this picture.

In the host equipment of the SMT placement machine, it still mainly relies on imports, of which more than 60% are from Japan, and most of the SMT processing plant equipment is imported.

The beauty of the PCB is fully considered when manufacturing and designing the PCB circuit board. When wiring the corners of the circuit board, there must be a choice of form. The corner mode of the circuit PCB circuit board corner wiring needs to be set during the design. Can choose 45°, 90° and arc. Generally, sharp corners are not used, and it is best to use circular arc transition or 45° transition, and avoid 90° or sharper corner transitions.

When the wires of the PCB circuit board pass between the two pads and do not communicate with them, they should be kept at the largest and equal distance between them. Similarly, when the wires and the wires of the wires pass between the two pads and do not communicate with them, they should Keep the maximum and equal spacing with them, and the spacing between them should also be uniform and equal and keep the maximum. The connection between the wire and the pad should also be as smooth as possible to avoid the appearance of small sharp feet, which can be solved by the method of filling teardrops. When the center distance between the pads is less than the outer diameter D of a pad, the width of the wire can be the same as the diameter of the pad; if the center distance between the pads is greater than D, the width of the wire should not be greater than that of the pad diameter.

SMT processing plant equipment is generally divided into two types: semi-automatic and fully automatic

Semi-automatic SMT production line

Semi-automatic solder paste printing machine

1) Mounter

2) Reflow soldering

3) Connecting station

Automatic SMT production line

1) Automatic loading machine

2) Suction machine

3) Automatic solder paste printing machine

4) Mounter

5) Reflow soldering

6) AOI testing equipment

7) Automatic unloading machine

8) Connecting station, etc.