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Quality assurance in PCBA processing?
Quality assurance in PCBA processing?

Quality assurance in PCBA processing?


Some links to guarantee the quality in one-stop PCBA processing in patch factory:

1. Smt patch processing link

Details of systematic quality control for solder paste printing and reflux temperature control in SMT patch processing PCBA are important points in PCBA manufacturing process. In the face of the printing of high-precision PCB circuit boards with special and complex processes, laser steel nets are used according to the specific processing and production conditions to meet the quality standards of PCB circuit boards. According to the PCB's board requirements and the customer's product characteristics, some parts of the chip processor need to increase U-shaped holes or reduce steel mesh holes. The steel mesh needs to be processed according to the requirements of PCBA processing technology.

The temperature control precision of reflux furnace is very important for the wetting of solder paste and the welding of steel mesh. It is also adjusted according to the normal SOP operation guide to reduce the lowest loss rate to reduce the occurrence of undesirable products in SMT process of PCBA patch processing. In addition, the SMT workshop technical operators of the chip processing plant must strictly follow the standards to carry out AOI tests, so as to significantly reduce the occurrence of undesirable products caused by human factors in the PCBA processing process.


2. Post-weld link of DIP plug-in

DIP plug-in post-welding is an important step in the PCB circuit board processing stage as well as an operation at the end of PCBA processing in the patch processing plant. In the process of DIP plug-in post-welding, the requirement standard for PCBA over-peak soldering is also critical. PCBA over-peak soldering can greatly improve the rate of good products and reduce the occurrence of poor soldering such as tin-linking, less tin and tin-deficiency. Also, according to different requirements standards of customer products, PCBA processing plant must constantly sum up experience in practice. Upgrade the technology in the process of experience accumulation.

3. Testing and Procedural Burning Links

The manufacturability report is an assessment done by the patch processor before the whole production when it receives the customer's production contract. In the previous DFM report, the patch processor also communicates with the customer before the PCB circuit board is processed and provides some effective suggestions, such as setting up some key test points on the PCB. It is helpful for PCB welding test and critical test of circuit board conductivity and connectivity after PCBA processing. When conditions permit, you can communicate with the customer to provide the back-end program, and then burn the PCBA program to the core master IC through a burner. This will directly test the PCB circuit board by touch action, facilitate the testing and testing of the integrity of the whole processed PCBA, and can detect the bad PCBA at the first time.

4. PCBA Testing Links

PCBA processing customers with one-stop service also have certain execution standards for PCBA back-end test. The content of PCBA test generally includes ICT (circuit test), FCT (function test), burn test (aging test), temperature and humidity test, drop test, etc. The related staff of SMt shop of patch processing plant must be trained with strict standards. In practice, strictly in accordance with the implementation standards to be implemented, and the best quality products are shipped to customers.