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Packaging selection of PCBA products
Packaging selection of PCBA products

Packaging selection of PCBA products


The packaging of PCBA products manufactured is very sophisticated. Reasonable selection of packaging materials can not only protect PCBA products well in the process of transportation, but also save shipping costs for PCBA manufacturer PCBA manufacturer enterprises, and better service understanding for customers.

The following SMT patch manufacturer Shenzhen Weisiyuan Technology Co., Ltd. will introduce you to the selection of packaging materials.

1. Packaging knows

(1) Definition of packaging: the general name of containers, accessories and materials selected according to certain methods and technologies for the protection, convenient storage, transportation and promotion of sale of PCBA manufactured products during their transportation.

(2) Functions of packaging: protect products, facilitate circulation and consumption, promote sales, and travel value-added.

(3) Classification of packaging: cardboard, plastics, metals, glass and ceramics, wood, composite materials, fibers and so on.


2. Packaging materials know

(1) Primary utility planning: mechanical, physical, chemical, manufacturing, safety and environmental protection.

(2) Primary characteristics of common packaging materials.

Paper packaging materials: abundant raw materials, light foldable paper container weight, certain rigidity and compressive strength, good elasticity, easy to manufacture and shape, diverse structure, good printing and decoration, strong packaging adaptability, no environmental pollution, easy to recycle or destroy. However, it has low barrier, poor water resistance and low strength. The application of paper packaging materials can be improved by using them in combination with other packaging materials.

Plastic wrapping materials: light weight, transparent, useful, good barrier, water and oil resistance, corrosion resistance, good chemical stability, easy to make and shape, easy to heat seal and composite, strong packaging adaptability. However, it is difficult to decompose or dispose of waste due to poor heat resistance, which constitutes environmental pollution.

Glass wrapping: excellent barrier, chemical stability, corrosion resistance, bright transparent, beautiful shape, recyclable reuse. However, the weight-capacity ratio is large, the quality is fragile and the energy consumption is large.

3. Selection principle of package material.

(1) Principle of reciprocity: First of all, distinguish the disposition of the packages, that is, divide them into three grades: high, medium and low, and choose different grades of packaging materials for the packages with different levels.

(2) Principles of adaptability: The selection of packaging materials should be in accordance with the transportation conditions, which include climate, methods of transportation, circulation guidelines and circulation cycles.

(3) Harmonization principle: Packaging materials should be in harmony with the functions performed by the package. For example, the functions of the internal, internal and external packaging of the product in the circulation process are different.

(4) Principle of aesthetics: Whether the package of a product is beautiful or not is the most important element in choosing the fate of a product. From the selection of packaging materials, the first consideration is the color, transparency and type of materials.

In PCBA patch manufacturer, the selection principle of packaging materials is described here. We will also focus on details, continue to improve quality, and provide customers with better service.