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HDI circuit board has become one of the main growth points of PCB

      Mobile terminals such as smartphones and tablet computers are developing towards the characteristics of short, light, thin and portable, making the motherboard space compressed, while HDI adopts a multi-layer method to make the board, using blind holes and buried holes to reduce the number of through holes, which is relatively common in the wiring of pcb multi-layer boards. The above has the advantage of density, which can carry more components on a limited motherboard, thus quickly replacing the traditional multi-layer board in the mobile phone.

HDI boards for mobile terminals provide growth momentum for the PCB industry

With the continuous enhancement of mobile terminal functions and the continuous development of thinner and lighter, the design of HDI boards is more developed to third-order or even arbitrary-layer HDI boards. Apple adopted any layer of HDI for the first time in iPhone 4 and iPad 2, which greatly improved the thinness of the product. Then the Android camp quickly followed up, and any layer of HDI broke out to become the standard motherboard for current mid-to-high-end smartphones. According to statistics, changing from a first-order HDI to any layer of HDI can reduce the volume by about 40%. It is expected that any layer of HDI will be used in more and more high-end mobile phones and tablets in the future. At present, the adoption rate of third-order HDI and any layer HDI of smart phones is about 30%, and the adoption rate of tablet computers is as high as 80%. We believe that mobile terminals represented by smart phones will continue to drive HDI boards to a higher density and thinner, and HDI boards for mobile terminals will be one of the main growth points for PCBs.

HDI circuit board

High-end servers boost the overall demand for HDI

In addition to mobile terminals, high-end servers will also increase the overall demand for HDI. At present, PCBs with less than 8 layers are mainly used in home appliances, PCs, desktops, etc., while high-end applications such as high-performance multi-channel servers and aerospace require more than 10 layers of PCB. Take the server as an example. On single-socket and dual-socket servers, PCB boards are generally between 4-8 layers, while high-end server motherboards such as 4-socket and 8-socket require 16 layers or more, and the backplane requires 20 layers or more. HDI boards are mostly used.

The development of the domestic cloud computing market and the rapid expansion of mobile internet such as mobile payment, OTO applications, and social networks have driven the steady growth of the Chinese server market, which has become the main force in the growth of global shipments, and the growth rate has continued to increase. Sales in 2015 were 49.82 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 16.6%. It is foreseeable that more high-end servers will be used for cloud computing in the future. It is estimated that from 2016 to 2020, my country's server market sales will maintain an annual growth rate of about 21%, reaching 127.37 billion yuan in 2020.

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