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How to ensure quality in PCBA processing

 PCB copy board is an important application field of reverse technology research and development. Use PCB copy board to disassemble the product, start with the research from the product's pcb file, BOM list, schematic diagram and other design elements, so as to achieve the purpose of digesting, absorbing and re-innovating the imported technology. So far, PCB copy board has formed a relatively mature industry, and the market layout has gradually developed from the previous cloning and copying to technological innovation and high-end.

Many customers have concerns about the quality of the products provided by PCBA processing manufacturers. They are worried that the products provided by the manufacturers will not reach the level they expected, which will cause adverse effects on their products and reputation. For this problem, the editor thinks it is very easy to solve, as long as the customer understands how the PCBA processing manufacturer guarantees the product quality. So, how exactly does PCBA processing manufacturer ensure product quality throughout the quality management system? Let's take a look.

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  In fact, many PCBA processing plants have obtained the ISO9001 quality management certification system. This system is a sign and a signal that tells customers that they can use and cooperate with confidence. But having this certificate does not mean that you can rest assured, after all, some small manufacturers can also deceive customers by fraud. Therefore, when customers choose PCBA processing manufacturers, they must first verify whether their ISO9001 certification is true or not, and use this as a basis for judgment.

  On the basis of understanding the true and false of ISO9001, we then have an in-depth understanding of the manufacturer's quality efficiency and management methods, and then solve the problems that plague customers. The scope of the ISO9001 quality management system is relatively wide, and it must be finalized by hundreds or even thousands of documents. For this, customers can find the key points of quality supervision from the PCBA processing audit by focusing on the big and letting go of the small. Ensure its effect. For example, the simplest and most important SMT process. During this period, there are many core quality points, such as solder paste, refueling, baking, AOI inspection, static electricity, etc. These are the key content that customers understand. Customers can learn from these aspects. Start to understand the equipment and implementation of PCBA processing manufacturers.

  If the PCBA processing manufacturer is in position and relatively advanced in these aspects, then the quality of the manufacturer's product is trustworthy. If there are some problems or even some environments do not exist, such as the AOI inspection environment, many small PCBA manufacturers will ignore this link, or directly use visual inspection to complete. Such cooperation between manufacturers requires careful consideration.

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  In addition to the SMT process and the DIP process, including wave soldering temperature, FCT function testing, etc., these are very important key points and cannot be ignored. In addition, there are documents, including repair and maintenance documents, operating instructions, equipment calibration, etc., which are the reference basis for the manufacturer’s internal operations and are of very high value. Therefore, regular PCBA processing manufacturers will strive to ensure their standardization and integrity. Manufacturers don't care, or even deliberately ignore it in order to save costs.

  Generally speaking, compared with small-scale manufacturers, Shenzhen PCBA processing manufacturers with large scale and strong economic strength have more trust in product quality assurance. On the one hand, large manufacturers themselves are very concerned about word-of-mouth, integrity, and company image. On the other hand, such manufacturers have strong economic strength and more investment, so they can have a more complete production line.