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PCB Material List

PCB Material List - Rogers RO4725JXR,RO4730JXR,RO4730G3 Antenna Grade PCB material specification

PCB Material List

PCB Material List - Rogers RO4725JXR,RO4730JXR,RO4730G3 Antenna Grade PCB material specification

Rogers RO4725JXR,RO4730JXR,RO4730G3 Antenna Grade PCB material specification

Rogers launched the RO4725JXR,RO4730JXR,RO4730G3 antenna level PCB material to meet current and future higher performance requirements in active antenna arrays, small base stations, 4G base transceiver, Internet of things devices and emerging 5g wireless system applications.

This flame retardant (UL 94V-0) RO4730G3 thermosetting laminate material is a derivative of Rogers' long trusted and popular circuit material for base station antenna applications. It has a low dielectric constant of 3.0, which is preferred by antenna designers, and a z-direction dielectric constant deviation of ± 0.05 at 10 GHz.

Rogers RO4725JXR,RO4730JXR,RO4730G3 specification

Rogers RO4725JXR,RO4730JXR,RO4730G3 specification

RO4730G3 laminate is made of ceramic hydrocarbon material and low loss LoPro Copper foil. It can provide excellent passive intermodulation performance (usually better than - 160 DBC), which is very attractive for intermodulation sensitive HF antennas. The circuit material of RO4730G3 is 30% lighter than that of PTFE, and its high glass transition temperature (TG) over + 280 ° C makes it compatible with automatic assembly process. In the temperature range of - 55 degree Celsius to + 288 degree Celsius, the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) in Z direction is only 30.3 ppm / C, which is conducive to the reliability of electroplated through-hole structure in multilayer circuit assembly. In addition, the lead-free process resistance of the RO4730G3 laminate material can provide better flexural strength than the RO4000JXR material.

The performance of RO4730G3, a new type of PCB meterial for antenna level circuits, is stable with temperature. The material has a coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) that matches copper and has a very low rate of thermal change in the Z direction of the dielectric constant over the temperature range from - 50 ° C to + 150 ° C (+ 26 ppm / C at 10 GHz). At the same time, the high frequency loss of RO4730G3 is very low, and its loss factor is 0.0023 at 2.5 GHz and 0.0029 at 10 GHz.

RO4730G3 PCB material provides a practical and cost-effective material solution for current 4G, IOT wireless devices, and active antenna arrays and PCB antennas in future 5g wireless devices. Combined with the right materials, RO4730G3 material can provide the best combination of price, performance and durability.

It is compatible with the conventional rf-4700 laminate and has no special requirements for high-temperature soldering of the rf-4700 laminate. This material is an economical alternative to PTFE antenna material and can help designers achieve high cost performance.

The resin system of ro4700 dielectric material has the necessary properties to achieve ideal antenna performance. The coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of X and Y axes is similar to that of copper foil. Good fit of thermal expansion coefficient reduces the stress in PCB antenna. The glass transition temperature of ro4700 material is higher than 280 ° C (536 ° f), which makes the z-axis CTE lower, thus ensuring excellent through-hole plating reliability.

The loss of RO4730G3 is higher than that of RO4730JXR due to the addition of flame retardant filler. At 3.5GHz frequency, the loss of RO4730G3 with 30.7mil thickness increases by 0.0009db/cm compared with that of RO4730JXR at 3.5GHz frequency.

Advantages of RO4730G3 PCB material:

*Cost advantage.

*High Performance PCB antenna and active antenna array for 5g and IOT.

*To meet the 4G, 5g and IOT high cost performance, Rogers RO4725JXR,RO4730JXR,RO4730G3 high performance PCB antenna and active antenna array applications.