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AOI equipment improves the inspection quality of FPD, wafer and PCB industries

 Automated optical inspection drives factory inspection automation

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  Automated optical inspection technology is composed of optical sensing system, signal processing system, analysis software, etc. The application fields of AOI technology range from the application of space/satellite detection, aerial telemetry, biomedical X-ray/isotope/ultrasonic imaging technology, fingerprint comparison, handwriting recognition, face recognition, and robotics, military and police security monitoring. Further applications of machine vision such as automated control of smart vehicles.

   In recent years, the semiconductor/liquid crystal panel/optical communications industry, as well as the metal and steel industry, food processing/packaging industry, textile and leather industry, automobile industry, building materials, etc., require the application of industrial automation to improve the quality of quality control inspection. Especially for photoelectric conversion components such as IC and passive components, silicon wafers, PCB circuit boards, LCD liquid crystal panels, BGA arrays, solar cells, etc., in addition to electrical inspections, appearance, surface defects, and assembly position deviation must also be implemented. 100% full inspection.

Use the AOI equipment to inspect the finished product in a non-contact manner, and use computer image processing technology to detect foreign objects or pattern abnormalities. The AOI equipment can be deployed in the middle of the production line to inspect semi-finished products without affecting production capacity. . Therefore, AOI equipment has become a necessary investment with a high proportion in these semiconductor industries.



  AOI equipment improves automation and inspection quality for the FPD, wafer, and PCB industries

A set of AOI equipment is composed of three major components: 1. Image capturing equipment: such as lighting equipment (light source), optical device (lens), CCD camera; 2. Image processing unit: personal computer or embedded system, plus high resolution High-speed image capture card and display, with software/database for quality inspection; 3. Mechanism and drive unit with programmable logic controller (PLC): (Nanjing PCB) such as conveyor belts or robot arms that take inspection products, It is composed of interface cards and drivers of related conveying/fetching devices. Each equipment unit is connected via a high-speed copper cable interface (~25Gbps) such as machine vision/image capture module, Ethernet power supply network and industrial control network/bus.

Manufacturers aiming at the AOI equipment market will also design equipment that is integrated into a single machine appearance according to the production capacity and complexity of quality control inspections, or is deployed with a PC desktop as the main body, with imaging equipment and drive mechanism units. Instruments, especially AOI equipment and machines, are commonly found in production line nodes with full capacity. Equipment manufacturers generally purchase key components from inside and outside, and integrate R&D on their own.

The above is the introduction of PAOI equipment to improve the inspection quality of FPD, wafer and PCB industries. Ipcb also provides PCB manufacturers and PCB manufacturing technology.