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Temperature and humidity standards for the production workshop of the smt factory

Temperature and humidity standards for the production workshop of the smt factory
According to the smt factory's understanding of the industry, SMT is a very popular processing technology in the current electronics industry, and what we are talking about SMT chip processing is to add some electronic components such as inductors, capacitors and resistors with machines. And after welding, they become stronger and not easy to fall. Some electronic pcb products we usually use, such as major brand mobile phones and computers, are densely arranged with tiny capacitors, resistors and chips on the mother boards. These capacitors and resistors are pasted by SMT chip processing technology.

In order to ensure the quality of electronic components, SMT chip processing has some requirements for the environment, and certain requirements for humidity and temperature. The following smt factory introduces the temperature requirements and humidity requirements.

1. Temperature requirements

The best temperature of smt factory building is 23±3℃, and the limit temperature cannot exceed 15~35℃

2. Humidity requirements

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The workshop adheres to a constant humidity of about 45%~70%RH. The humidity in the SMT chip processing workshop has a great influence on the quality of the product. The higher the environmental humidity, the electronic components are susceptible to moisture, which will affect the electrical conductivity. If it is not smooth and the humidity is too low, the air in the workshop is easy to be dry, and it is easy to generate static electricity. Therefore, when entering the SMT patch processing workshop, the processing personnel also need to wear anti-static clothing.
The above is the temperature and humidity standard of the production workshop of the smt factory introduced by the smt factory, do you all understand it? In fact, smt processing not only has these requirements, it also has certain requirements on how to prevent static electricity and cleanliness. If you want to know more about it, you can check other articles on our website.
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