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How does the Shenzhen smt factory control the quality of the board

How does the Shenzhen smt factory control the quality of the board
Now the electronics industry is very developed, and the various electronic products in the Shenzhen smt pcb factory are constantly being updated. If you buy a batch now, you can’t sell it for a long time as it used to be, because it needs to be updated. At this time, the requirements for SMT chip processing plants are even higher, and it is no longer possible to turn on one line to produce the same thing for a month as before. Now what is required is to be able to make samples in small batches and deliver them quickly, and the quality must be well controlled.
How does the Shenzhen smt factory control the quality of the pcb board

So how does the smt factory control the quality of SMT chip proofing? To control the processing quality of the patch, the following necessary conditions need to be met:
1. Complete the purchase inspection and confirmation process, and strictly control the materials.

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2. The new model production project team first controls the production quality of the new customer.
3. Nitrogen process and equipment storage should be aimed at pcba product customers who require high precision.
4. Environmental monitoring of the patch placement workshop: 252 degrees, relative humidity: 40%-60%.
5. SMD accessories use high-quality solder paste to ensure the quality and stability of SMD soldering.
6. Professional technical team, engineer/technician, with more than 10 years working experience in smt industry.
7. The equipment uses high-precision placement machine, the smallest placement is 0201, to ensure placement accuracy and efficiency.
8. Strict SOP production process control, SMT patch, DIP welding, back-end assembly test.
9. SMT chip processing and production process control: solder paste viscosity inspection, solder paste printing thickness inspection, chip accuracy inspection, pre-furnace mounting inspection, regular sampling inspection after the furnace, AOI full inspection after the furnace, and finished product inspection.
10. Reflow soldering chooses 10 temperature zone reflow soldering to ensure the quality of the reflow soldering stage and handle all kinds of PCBA products.
11. The first article confirmation process is rigorous, and the final version is confirmed with customers based on PCB drawings and PCBA samples.
The editor of the smt factory will introduce you to how the Shenzhen smt factory controls the quality of the board. Pay attention to our company's e-learning for more knowledge and information about SMT, thank you.
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