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Talking about the pre-production preparations for SMT manufacturing?

Talking about the pre-production preparations for SMT manufacturing?
At present, the country has higher and higher requirements for environmental protection and greater efforts in link governance. This is a challenge but also an opportunity for PCB factories. If PCB factories are determined to solve the problem of environmental pollution, then FPC flexible circuit board products can be at the forefront of the market, and PCB factories can get opportunities for further development.
SMT patch processing requires us to make sufficient pre-production preparations from the sample to the mass production stage to ensure that all materials can be successfully launched on the line, and to avoid various stoppages to find materials, because the production efficiency is the SMT patch processing plant. Where the lifeline lies. In order to make pre-natal preparations, make them fully effective, and ensure that they are completed on time, standardized production process management is particularly important. The following editor will briefly describe some pre-production preparations that must be done in SMT patch processing and manufacturing.

1. Engineering

1. Arrange preparations 4 hours in advance after the planned order is placed: steel mesh, fixture review, materials, procedures, and material special requirements for sample follow-up and completion.

2. The order needs to be tested after SMT production, and the first finished product will be tested on the same day.

3. Provide a temporary operation plan for the poorly tested and malfunctioning products 1 hour before delivery, and provide specific operational and production measures within 1 day.

2. Production



1. According to the planned order, it is stretched 4 hours in advance to arrange material requisition and material preparation.

2. The technician confirms that the steel mesh, fixtures, and data (procedures) are complete 2 hours before the transfer.

3. On-line production of tail board with less material, the technician is responsible for docking the material staff, and the department supervisor will follow up and arrange to complete the replenishment within half an hour.

4. Visually inspect 5PCS after the middle inspection furnace, if the defect exceeds 5%, report to the technician and supervisor for analysis and processing. DIP:

1. Stretching according to the planned order 4 hours in advance to arrange the pull assistance, the production of the first piece, the quality, and the engineering confirmation.

2. Determine accessories 4 hours in advance for elongation: furnace fixtures, welding fixtures, tools, or customer-supplied fixtures, etc.

3. Lengthen the prenatal meeting (each product), and complete the process and quality explanation within 3-5 minutes.

4. The test failure is as high as 5%, and the production personnel report the lengthened report to the supervisor; at the same time, the engineering intervention analysis, the specific plan is returned within 1 hour, the production execution, and the quality supervision are completed.

SMT patch production line

 3. Quality

   1. The first piece of SMT IPQC is made on line; DIP, IPQC confirm the first piece inspection, and assist the production to be completed 2 hours in advance.

   2. Testing and assembly: According to the planned order, the production and engineering will be provided for quality 4 hours in advance, and the first piece of IPQC will be confirmed, and it will be completed within 2 hours before production goes online.

 4. Current process: all products that need to be tested and burned

  New order-SMT-first sample of engineering trial production-DIP-test-assembly

Return order——SMT——DIP (first sample in production trial production)——Test——Assemble
quality assurance
iPCB has passed ISO9001:2008, ISO14001, UL, CQC and other quality management system certifications, produces standardized and qualified PCB products, masters complex process technology, and uses professional equipment such as AOI and Flying Probe to control production and X-ray inspection machines. Finally, we will use double FQC inspection of appearance to ensure shipment under IPC II standard or IPC III standard.