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pcb factory: SMT business How can we do a good job in SMT business sales?

pcb factory: SMT business How can we do a good job in SMT business sales?

This article is about some personal insights on SMT sales business. Welcome everyone to communicate together.

How can we do a good job in SMT business sales? This is the first question that many new salespersons or business people think about. Before answering this question, I would like to ask, do you have a thorough understanding of the SMT business process? If no one introduces the SMT business for you or you haven't got a detailed understanding of the SMT business, it doesn't matter, because I will introduce the SMT business process in detail next. Of course, by the way, I also tell you how to do a good job in SMT sales.


SMT business is the basic business for the profitability of electronic processing plants. SMT is a surface packaging technology, so the SMT business is a process in which sales personnel sell the products of their own workshops and achieve a win-win process after reaching transactions with customers.


As an SMT salesperson, you must be proficient in SMT business processes. The SMT business process can be divided into the following parts:


pcb factory: SMT business How can we do a good job in SMT business sales?

1. Know the company's products.

Only when you know all of the company's products, can you tell which company your product is suitable for and which company is not suitable. This will make it clear what kind of customers you are looking for.


2. Customer mining.

This part should be the most troublesome part of many SMT sales clerk. Why do you say that, because it is so difficult to find customers. I have looked for clients before, but none of them have been effective. The reason is simple, because I haven't persisted for long. There are actually many channels for finding customer sources. The most frequently used method now is to dig online. Like our electronic processing industry, there will be a lot of public customer information on the official website, Alibaba, China Yellow Pages and other websites. We only need to record the company's contact information and address, and then we can conduct the first online communication and get a preliminary understanding of the company's status. Of course, we can also find all electronic companies near our company through Baidu Maps, filter their information and addresses, and visit them directly after contacting them.


As a salesperson, a thick skin is the most basic requirement. Don't be afraid to communicate with strangers, don't be afraid to call, and don't be afraid to refuse. I know that everyone does not like being rejected. However, the salesperson must have a strong heart not afraid of rejection. After all, it is very rare to dig out 10 potential customers from 100 customers and then close one customer. A lot of rejections are waiting for us. If we feel heartache every time we are rejected, then we still have to live, and just commit suicide. This life is too sad.


3. The establishment of trust.

In order to publish this article, I specifically consulted some of my company's SMT sales elites. There is a view that the most important thing in SMT sales is to build trust. The original story is that we want to hook up with the purchasing staff on the customer's side. Another very important point is that SMT sales staff must establish good friendships with customers. We must always maintain a service attitude to communicate with each other, and we must not aim at closing customers. Make this friend with your heart, talk about life, talk about gossip. We must take the initiative to find them to chat and chat, so as to build friendship and trust. Just let him know what you do and let him know that there is such a friend beside him who is doing SMT business. So, when their company has an off-board distribution, is it the first thing that comes to mind is you as a friend? In this way, the order will naturally come to you. Responding to the words of our company's director, don't be too eager to do business, first be a friend and not talk about work, business orders will be brought to you, and income will come naturally.


4. Ask the customer to audit the factory.

When a customer wants to make a deal with us, don't forget one step, which is to ask the customer to inspect in their own circuit board factory. This is also subconsciously telling customers that we are reliable and trustworthy. And have the ability to complete the order you placed.


5. Quotation.

When the customer is willing to give the order to us, the SMT business process has been completed more than half. Later, only the customer needs to provide a sample, and then the company makes a quotation. When the two parties agree on the price, the order is also generated. The company can start product processing.


6. Shipment.

Before shipment, the circuit board factory will test all finished boards. After ensuring a 100% pass rate, we will remind customers to come and pick up the board, or we can deliver it to the door. Before shipping, as SMT sales clerk, we must remember to let the customer settle the balance before we can ship all. This is the underlying rule of the industry. Of course, if the customer is our old customer or loyal customer, we can also make a monthly settlement with them. Of course, approval is also possible.