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How does the smt factory improve the production efficiency of the placement machine

How does the smt factory improve the production efficiency of the placement machine
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How the smt factory improves the production efficiency of the placement machine is a problem that many SMT placement machine industries are concerned about. To achieve high-precision placement, the placement machine must have a precise placement mechanism as the foundation. The motion control system is the core part of the placement machine, and the precision control has a great influence on the whole machine. Baiqiancheng smt factory will share with you how to improve the production efficiency of SMT placement machines.

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The most direct and effective way for smt factory to improve the production efficiency of SMT placement machines is to optimize the core part of SMT placement equipment-the motion control system. To this end, the industry has specially developed a set of visual dispensing and placement systems that integrate vision, dispensing and placement to directly solve the most core problems of the placement machine, that is, using PC + motion control card + vision system + software. , Assist the enterprise's SMT placement machine to optimize and upgrade.

Working principle: With the aid of the vision system, the manipulator with suction nozzle picks up the disordered chips on the loading table one by one, places them on the fixture accurately, and arranges them. The high-precision manipulator is matched with the visual positioning system to achieve high-precision placement.

In addition to the motion control system of the SMT placement machine, there are also the following reasons that affect the production efficiency of the SMT placement machine:

1. Wear and tear of the suction nozzle.

2. The driving part is worn or the feeder is deformed.

3. The placement machine detection system is faulty.

4. SMT placement machine components are poorly taped.

In addition, regular inspection and maintenance of the SMT placement machine is also one of the powerful guarantees to ensure its full performance. Therefore, we must always insist on regular scientific inspection and maintenance of the equipment to keep the equipment in good condition.
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