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PCBA | What is VZQC2 certification-UL certification | UL certification fee

PCBA | What is VZQC2 certification-UL certification | UL certification fee

VZQC2 certification-UL is for PCBA factory certification

Introduction to VZQC2 Certification

1. This is a requirement that UL has only recently promoted in the Chinese market;

2. This is a component traceability certification, not a product certification service in the true sense;

3. The purpose of its certification is to provide final product manufacturers with more flexible follow-up inspection options, while for semi-finished product manufacturers, it is better to achieve standardized production and provide value-added services for themselves;

4. The object of certification is mainly semi-finished products manufacturers, not finished products manufacturers. For example, PCBA factories should apply for the certification and establish a one-to-many certification relationship. Under the condition that the customer's drawings require production and the traceability of parts can be achieved, different types of semi-finished products can be produced for different finished products manufacturers without repeated certification;

5. A semi-finished product supplier who has obtained VZQC2 certification can easily become a qualified supplier of a finished product manufacturer, regardless of the product category;

6. Generally, no special test is required, unless the customer requires it;
7. This certification is very similar to QMMY2 certification for injection molded parts).


PCBA | What is VZQC2 certification-UL certification | UL certification fee

The division of labor between the finished product manufacturer and the semi-finished product manufacturer:

1) For the most end product manufacturer:

- There is no significant difference; it means that all safety-regulated parts need to be described in the UL report as usual

- But you need to provide an additional sub-assembly specifications (semi-finished product specifications)

- The specification of the semi-finished product must conform to the description of the semi-finished product in the UL report of the final product


2) For Sub-Assembler for manufacturers of semi-finished products:

- Ensure that each batch of semi-finished products is manufactured and shipped in accordance with the above specifications, and Recognized Sub-Assembly Marking is attached to each batch of shipment to ensure that the batch or meets the requirements of VZQC2.


If you are familiar with UL standards, you can submit your own information and apply to UL. If it is the first time to apply for UL certification, you can ask the agency to help you apply. UL is an American safety certification, involving multiple fields, different products, different models, and costs are different. The application for electronic devices must first specify the application model. Then the price can be known, and the cycle is about 3-7 weeks. Because the cost of UL certification is more or less determined by the product, the cost of different products is different. For a single lamp, the cost of LED bulbs and LED spotlights is more than half the cost of LED tubes. The cost of UL certification is based on Standard to charge. Such as electronic appliances, fire fighting, gate valves, and so on. The UL certification for fire protection is very expensive, so please explain the product, several models, and use in order to give you a more accurate quotation.


UL’s quarterly fee is not called a quarterly fee, but a factory audit fee, because the UL-certified manufacturers have to audit the factory four times a year, each time about 600 US dollars, and the annual fee is about 1477 US dollars per year. UL will send a corresponding bill to your company for a collection of money, and your company will pay according to the UL bill.


Starting from November 2009, the above expenses are directly paid by the circuit board manufacturer in US dollars to the UL account, and the factory needs to pay another 5.05% tax to the local tax bureau.