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​SMT continues to rule the era of smart manufacturing
PCB News
​SMT continues to rule the era of smart manufacturing

​SMT continues to rule the era of smart manufacturing


Today's electronic products present the characteristics of miniaturization, lightness and thinness, and put forward more stringent requirements for circuit boards**. Although emerging production technology such as printed electronics has emerged, after all, there is still a long way to go before large-scale commercial use, and the main purpose is to manufacture flexible electronic components. Walking into the Siemens Amberg Digital Factory, which represents the most advanced level of the Industry 4.0 process, one SMT device will still strengthen our understanding: this highly complex machine, which is constantly innovating and evolving, is in intelligent manufacturing. The era will still rule for a long time.

Industry analysis agency MarketsandMarkets reports that the global SMT market is expected to reach a market value of US$4.73 billion by 2020, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.84%. Driven by the trend of miniaturization of components, the entire equipment market needs to use more high-precision semiconductor active devices such as capacitors and diodes. In addition, products are innovating, and components used to produce miniaturized smartphones and tablet computers are increasing. This trend is conducive to the market expansion of SMT equipment.

At the same time, due to the wide application of small-size components and optoelectronic devices, electronic assemblers are encouraged to invest more testing equipment within the expected time, which will promote the CAGR value of SMT testing equipment to 12.76% from 2015 to 2020. In addition, the report pointed out that the SMT market in the Asia-Pacific region is expected to have a CAGR value of 11% between 2015 and 2020. Asia is the most active area in the electronics manufacturing industry. Coupled with this region as a manufacturing center that can obtain high economic benefits, Asia is expected to drive the SMT market in this area.

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"**** On-site" dynamic demonstration of intelligent manufacturing, SMT upgrade to multi-application solutions

The highlight of the annual exhibition-the SMT surface mount technology exhibition area will invite leading companies from the surface mount industry at home and abroad to bring the most new and best products to professional visitors. These **** companies will also assemble multiple electronic assembly production lines, demonstrate the latest models in printing, patching, soldering, testing and cleaning, and demonstrate standardized electronic assembly processes and high-efficiency production processes. Visitors can not only see machines of different brands, but also multiple complete production lines and see the actual placement technology. The three production lines assembled on site will demonstrate solutions for various application industries to meet the needs of users in more industries. YAMAHA will lead its high-performance small printing presses, high-efficiency module placement machines and high-end hybrid optical appearance inspection devices and Heller assembly lines to bring audiences electronic assembly solutions in the automotive and security fields. ASM's SIPLACE & DEK and Rehm will continue to assemble lines to meet the electronic assembly needs of the smart phone and automotive electronics industries; and the third production line composed of Speedprint, Europlacer and BTU will present audiences on the scene in the military and aerospace electronics fields. Placement process.

The technological innovation of terminal products in the downstream market has led to major changes in the depth and breadth of the demand for SMT equipment. Nowadays, customers have put forward higher requirements for the process complexity, accuracy, flow and specifications of the manufacturing process; in addition, as the cost of production factors such as labor rises, OEM/EMS is facing the dual demands of cost and efficiency. How to improve the level of automation and reduce costs is the general direction of SMT chip manufacturing technology and innovation and upgrading. Naturally, it has become the best place for many manufacturers to choose new products. This year, it has set a historical record. It proves that the more the economic winter, the more the waves and the sand, innovation is the best choice for SMT companies to keep out the cold!

This time SMT giant ASM will show a device that will debut in Asia-SIPLACE TX. The new SIPLACE TX sets a new benchmark for actual placement performance. Thanks to faster placement speed and a compact design that is only 100 cm wide, SIPLACE TX can achieve up to 156,000 cph performance in only 4.5 square meters of space, which marks a huge leap in floor space efficiency. At the same time, smaller and more compact modules allow users to more accurately expand and contract their production lines as needed. The excellent quality of SIPLACT TX also ensures the long-term reliability of the machine. No matter how long the machine runs or how many components are installed, its performance and accuracy can be **** for many years.

As the leader of the new technology innovation in the smt industry, it is constantly introducing new products such as vacuum reflow furnace, formic acid gas furnace, formic acid vacuum reflow furnace, pressure oven, vertical oven, etc. It is used in new manufacturing processes, such as de-air bubbles, flux-free solder paste applications, under fill de-air bubbles and long-term baking processes. Among them, the formic acid gas furnace is jointly developed with IBM to provide a new reflow furnace for the next generation of new processes. The 1936MK5 dual-track reflow oven exhibited by Heller this time is also an excellent product. The chain speed of the product designed for ultra-high production requirements can reach 140cm/min, which can be produced with the fastest placement machine. Can provide the best stability, the smallest Delta T. implement

With the development trend of lighter, thinner and multifunctional electronic products, the miniaturization, integration and miniaturization of electronic components will become the mainstream. For surface mount, the low impact of small components and narrow-pitch mounting are becoming more and more important.

In addition to new product releases, during the exhibition, it will also focus on the current mainstream technology trends of smt electronics manufacturing, and invite domestic and foreign scientific research experts, manufacturing leaders and industry technology experts to gather together.