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How important is ESD protection in PCB assembly processing?

How important is ESD protection in PCB assembly processing?
There are many precision electronic components on the pcb assembly board, and many components are very sensitive to voltage. Shocks higher than the rated voltage will damage these components. PCB assembly boards damaged by static electricity are difficult to check step by step during functional testing. What's more fatal is that some pcb assembly boards function normally during the test, but when the finished product is used in the hands of customers, occasionally defects will occur, which will bring great after-sales dangers and affect the company's brand and goodwill. Therefore, in the PCB assembly process, we must attach great importance to ESD protection. The following editor explains in detail the importance of ESD protection in pcb assembly processing.

The PCB assembly processing method that strictly controls ESD electrostatic protection is roughly as follows:

1. Ensure that the temperature and humidity of the workshop are within the standard range, 22-28 degrees Celsius, and humidity 40%-70%;

2. All employees must discharge static electricity when entering and leaving the workshop;

3. Dress as required, wear electrostatic cap, electrostatic clothing, electrostatic shoes;

pcb board

4. All workstations that need to touch the pcb assembly board must wear a rope static ring and connect the rope static ring to the static alarm;

5. Separate the static wire from the equipment ground to prevent leakage of the equipment and damage to the pcb assembly board;

6. All turnover carts, shelves, shelves, etc. must be connected to the electrostatic ground wire;

7. Conduct ESD electrostatic testing in strict accordance with ISO quality management requirements;

Static electricity is invisible and intangible in the production process, and often causes fatal hidden dangers to PCBA circuit boards inadvertently. The cost of PCBA troubleshooting is very high. Therefore, each factory manager must strictly pay attention to ESD static management, so that the PCBA processing process can get complete quality control.

Okay, I believe everyone has visited the above sharing and has a certain understanding of the importance of ESD protection in pcb assembly processing. If you have pcb assembly processing needs, please feel free to contact us, thank you!
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