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FPC board's survival green advocacy and characteristics
FPC board's survival green advocacy and characteristics

FPC board's survival green advocacy and characteristics


1. FPC circuit board survival green advocacy

PCB circuit boards live in the current society and are advocated by the government for advocating green. Energy saving and environmental protection are equally important, while improving energy efficiency and vigorously protecting

Environment, effectively solving environmental problems, this is an important issue of the global energy development strategy.

At present, most of the advanced treatment of circuit board wastewater in my country only achieves sand filtration and discharge. According to the results of multiple commissioning and the investigation of wastewater treatment facilities of larger circuit board factories in the Pearl River Delta, the copper in the water is precipitated after the above treatment. The ion concentration is generally about 1.5mg/L. After filtration, the copper ions in the effluent still cannot meet the standard. Therefore, in-depth treatment must be carried out. The advanced treatment process is generally: activated carbon adsorption and cation exchange after sand filtration. The water used on the circuit board industrial production line is generally divided into three types: pure water, soft water, and general tap water. Sewage treated by the above process can generally be used as cleaning water, and can also be used for watering roads, greening, washing toilets and other purposes.

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For the small amount of circuit board wastewater, there is a simple and convenient treatment method. It is generally difficult to discharge wastewater with a small amount of wastewater. At this time, Na2S can generally be used as a heavy metal ion remover, and a simple sewage treatment process of coagulation, reaction, precipitation, and filtration is adopted. However, there is a problem of secondary pollution caused by excessive addition of Na2S.

2. What does fpc circuit board refer to?

The so-called fpc refers to the abbreviation of flexible printed circuit. In our life, we also call it flexible circuit board, flexible circuit board and flexible printed circuit board, so we abbreviate as fpc or soft board. Maybe we all know it in this industry Some characteristics of fpc, for example, fpc circuit board has the characteristics of light weight, high wiring density and thin thickness.

  So now that we know its characteristics, where can it be used?

  fpc is mainly used in 3C digital products, such as our mobile phones, handheld computers, notebook computers, digital cameras, lcm and other products.

  FPC flexible printed circuit, which is made of polyimide or polyester film as a substrate with high reliability and excellent flexibility.

What are the characteristics of fpc circuit boards?

First, it can be freely bent, folded, and wound, and can be moved and stretched freely in three-dimensional space.

Second, the heat dissipation performance is good, and the F-PC can be used to reduce the volume.

Third, it can achieve lightweight, miniaturization, and thinning, so as to achieve the integration of component devices and wire connections.

Therefore, fpc circuit boards and fpc cables are ubiquitous in our lives, because they are involved in all aspects of our lives. Shenzhen Hengxin Hengye Technology has been specialized in fpc circuit boards and fpc cables for several years. Welcome friends to come to understand and negotiate, we use quality to talk to you, we use service to talk to you, and we use material benefits to make a deal with you.