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How to select the chip inductor for PCB assembly?
How to select the chip inductor for PCB assembly?

How to select the chip inductor for PCB assembly?


PCB assembly manufacturer have a very important electronic component in the processing and production of PCB assembly in the SMT technology workshop, that is, chip inductor; The chip inductor on PCB assembly is a power appliance and surface mount high-power inductor. In the PCB assembly processing of PCB assembly manufacturers, the chip inductor has the characteristics of miniaturization, high quality, high energy storage and low resistance.

chip inductor

(1) At present, the most common chip inductors of ipcb in PCB assembly processing mainly include four types: wound inductors, laminated inductors, braided inductors and film chip inductors. The commonly used types are wound inductors and laminated inductors.

(2) Generally, for the labor and material products selected by PCB assembly manufacturers in the processing of different PCB assemblies, the coil diameter used will be different, the same inductance, and the DC resistance will be different; In the high-frequency circuit, the DC resistance will have a great impact on the Q value. The design engineer of PCB assembly manufacturer should pay attention to it when designing PCB circuit board.

(3) The maximum allowable current is also an index of chip inductance. When PCB circuit needs to bear large current, the capacitance index on PCB circuit board pad needs to be considered.

(4) When the power inductor on PCB assembly circuit board of PCBA manufacturer is applied in DC / DC converter, its inductance directly affects the working state of PCB circuit. In practice, the method of increasing or decreasing coil can often be used to convert the inductance to obtain the best quality effect.

(5) In the process of PCB assembly processing and production, PCBA manufacturer usually use wound inductors in the 150 ~ 900MHz frequency band. In the frequency circuit above 1GHz, microwave high-frequency inductors must be selected.