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    rf pcb factory for ENIG / HASL LF / plated gold printed circuit board making
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    rf pcb factory for ENIG / HASL LF / plated gold printed circuit board making

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    Company introduction company specialized with the RF PCB manufacturing for more than 17 years in China. We know how much the proper RF material would affect to the performance of the board .The parameters such as RF microwave energy levels ,operating frequency, operating temperature range ,current and voltage are of great importance when choosing the suitable material for the high frequency PCB fabricating. Getting familiar with those RF PCB material is one of our job ,Check below material listing for refer. We have enough of them in stock to ensure the fast delivery.The confidence towards our product quality is from our experiences engineers / production team, They cooperate closely with our QA department to provide a qualified product, We didn’t expect to achieve a big thumb from our customers, But more and more repeat orders speak out the satisfaction of them. Quality is the core value of our company, We know the importance of quality for a long-term business, Thanks very much to our customers that accompany with us to developed / improved our capacity and technical field for the past 17 years.


    RF/Microwave PCB material:

    Rogers RO4350B / RO3003 / RO4003 / RO3006 / RT/Duroid 5880 / RT5870 and etc.

    Arlon / Isola / Taconic / PTFE F4BM / Teflon material also shouldn’t be forgotten.


    Hybrid PCB material (Mixed dielectric / Laminate)

    Rogers RO4350B + FR4 / RO4350B + IT180 / RO4003C + FR4 / RO3010 + FR4 / RO3003 + FR4 / RO3010 + FR4 etc.


    Radio Frequency (RF) microwave PCB application

    RF Microwaves PCBs (printed circuit board) are used in various of fields, Such as Consumer Electronics / Military/Space / High power / Medical / Automotive / Industrial ect.

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    Our advantage

    1. Quick respond,24 hours online service
    2. No MOQ requirement

    3. Diverse capabilities

    4. Fast turnarounds available



    1.How long have you been in business?
    We have been supplying printed circuit boards since 2002 year.

    2.Are you ISO9001: 2000 certified?
    We have been ISO certified since 2006 year.

    3.How long will it take to get a quote?
    Usually within hours. Offshore quotes are generally returned within 24 hours.

    4.Do you handle PCB quick turnaround?
    Yes. We can turn 1-2 layers boards in one day, for 4-6 layers pcb we build them in 3-5 days.

    5.Can I get PCB prototypes from you?
    We have a very strong front end system and have capacity to handle several prototypes every day.

    6.Do you run a separate line for prototypes and production?
    No, we production tool everything. If your prototype turns into production, you won't need any additional tooling charges.


    7.What payment methods you accept?
    * Western Union (little wire transfer cost for small amount)
    * wire transfer
    * Paypal (need approval)
    We accept open account net 30 days for PCB customers order frequently and more than 6 months.

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     *Any question,Don't hesitate to contact us through click "chat" button to get in touch with us.Or leave your contact info,We will get back to you as soon as possible.