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What does the circuit board open circuit mean? What are the reasons and improvement methods for the circuit board open circuit?

The production of circuit boards is a cumbersome process, which requires more than a dozen or even more than 20 processes to make a complete circuit board. If there is an error in some process production, it will lead to the production of circuit board products that do not meet the requirements. For example, the common PCB circuit board open circuit problem will directly affect the function realization of the circuit board. The following editor will talk about the reasons and improvement methods of the open circuit in detail.

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Introduction of circuit board open circuit:
   An open circuit on a circuit board actually means that the two points (point A and point B) that should be connected together by wires are not connected together. A certain position of the wiring is not connected together due to various reasons, which is what we usually call the circuit board broken.

The reason for the open circuit of the circuit board:
  1, the copper clad laminate is scratched before it enters the warehouse;

  2, the copper clad laminate is scratched during the cutting process;

  3, the copper clad laminate is scratched by the drill tip when drilling;

  4, the copper clad laminate was scratched during the transfer process;

  5. The copper foil on the surface was scratched due to improper operation when stacking the boards after the copper was deposited;

   6. The copper foil on the surface of the production board was scratched when it passed the leveling machine.

Circuit board open circuit improvement method:
  1. IQC must conduct random inspections of the copper clad laminates before entering the warehouse to check whether the surface of the board is scratched and exposed to the base material. If there is, contact the supplier in time, and make appropriate treatment according to the actual situation.

2. The copper clad laminate is scratched during the opening process. The main reason is that there are hard sharp objects on the table of the opener. The friction between the copper clad laminate and the sharp objects causes the copper foil to scratch and expose the substrate during the opening. The countertop must be carefully cleaned before feeding to ensure that the countertop is smooth and free of hard and sharp objects.

3. The copper clad laminate was scratched by the drill tip during drilling. The main reason was that the spindle clamp nozzle was worn, or there was debris in the clamp nozzle that was not cleaned, and the PCB board could not be grasped firmly when grabbing the drill nozzle and the drill nozzle was not up. The top part is slightly longer than the set length of the drill tip, and the lifting height is not enough when drilling. When the machine tool moves, the tip of the drill tip scratches the copper foil and exposes the base material.