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Reducing crosstalk on circuit board

The design principle of reducing crosstalk on circuit board is simply classified

1. Make the connection between components as short as possible through reasonable layout.
2. Since the degree of crosstalk is directly proportional to the frequency of the interference signal, the high frequency signal pattern should be kept away from the sensitive signal pattern.
3. The interfered signal pattern and the interfered signal pattern should not only be far away from each other, but also should be separated from each other and parallel to each other.
4. In the multilayer PCB board, the interference signal pattern applied and the interference signal pattern or sensitive signal shall be separated from or separated from the ground by the pattern.
5. In the multilayer PCB board, the interference signal pattern and the interference signal pattern are respectively on the opposite sides of the ground pattern or the ground, namely the separation layer.
6. Use sensitive circuits with low input impedance as much as possible, and use bypass capacitors to reduce the input impedance of sensitive circuits when necessary.
Finally, it should be noted that in wiring, the ground wire plays a very obvious role in suppressing signal crosstalk. In the interference pattern and the interference pattern, the direct grounding can reduce crosstalk by about 10db.