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Circuit board imposition

Circuit board jigsaw introduction:
Circuit board jigsaw, as the name implies, is to put together several identical boards on one board. Some circuit boards are too small to meet the requirements of fixtures. Therefore, it takes several PCBs to put together for better production. Some circuit boards are more irregular. , Jigsaw can make more effective use of the area of the PCB substrate and reduce waste. Some PCBs need to add process edges and optical points, which can improve the efficiency of plug-in welding and placement. If you do yin and yang, you can also save the steel mesh.

Circuit board jigsaw

  The production of circuit board jigsaw is more conducive to production, saves production time, more effectively uses machinery and equipment, and effectively uses the area of the board to reduce unnecessary cost and waste.

The circuit board is produced by a method similar to printing. There is a problem with the size of the layout. The size of each customer's PCB board is basically different, so the board must be spliced into a larger board suitable for machine processing. . Therefore, the production of the circuit board jigsaw is to bring more convenience to the subsequent production process.

Circuit board yin and yang jigsaw introduction
In the electronics assembly manufacturing industry, there are generally two types of "Mirror Boards" that we call. The first type is the Different side mirror board with the front and back reversed, and some are the first for a printed circuit board. The second side and the second side of another board appear on the same side of the jigsaw; the other type is the same side mirror board (Same side mirror board) in which all the jigsaws are on the same side but left and right reversed, such as pdpd typesetting.

Types of circuit board jigsaw:
   1. Imposition plus crafting edges, no-spacing imposition

This type of imposition is a very common flat panel. Generally, customers have no special requirements on the shape and burrs. You can use the V-cut line to break them directly, so that there may be slight burrs around the board, but generally it will not affect the customer’s Installation and use, and it is also particularly easy to polish.

   In addition, the process edge is also conducive to the connection of the imposition and strengthens the strength of the entire imposition. The imposition is not easily broken after V-cutting, and it is also more resilient during placement. In addition, the process edge is easy to fix the board in the subsequent production process, which makes the board easy to process.

  2, imposition plus craftsmanship, with spacing imposition

If the customer has very high requirements on the shape of the circuit board, and the edge of the board must not have burrs, then the edge of the board needs to be milled, then there needs to be a space between the board and the board, generally between 1.5-2mm, which is beneficial to the Control of glitches. In addition, the size of the board is too small to pass the V-cutting machine at all, and it needs to be spaced.

  3, imposition without craftsmanship

If there is no process edge, it is for the convenience of shipment, which is not good for subsequent processing. Few customers need to assemble by hand. No process edge can be used. As long as the board is designed with positioning holes, this type of imposition can save the board edge. Cost, appropriately reduce the production cost of the circuit board.

   4. Stamp hole link

  The so-called stamp use is to use a small hole to link the board to the board, which looks like the zigzag on the stamp, so it is called the stamp hole link. The stamp hole link requires high-control burrs on all four sides between the board and the board, that is, only a small stamp hole can be used to replace the V line.
  Benefits of yin and yang jigsaw
  1, can make full use of the advantages of SMT long-term to achieve greater efficiency

  2, it can save the board of printed circuit board, that is, improve the use efficiency of panelization and save cost.