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Price composition of flexible circuit board

How to quoteflexible circuit boards? There are many factors that affect FPC quotation. Here are the main factors:

1. The different materials used in FPC soft boards result in different prices.

For example, ordinary double-sided flexible board,the sheet material generally includes PI, PET, etc. The thickness of the board varies from 0.0125mm to 0.10mm, and the thickness of copper varies from 1/3 oz to 3 oz. All these have caused a big price difference. At the same time, there is a certain price difference between different material manufacturers, that is, different brands. This is the price diversity of materials. The material also contains steel sheet, FR4, PI and FCCI copper foil reinforcement materials and other components.

Second, the process used in the flexible circuit board does not need to cause the price to be different

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Different production processes also cause different costs. For example, if we use Immersion Gold, Immersion Tin, or OSP, which requires the accuracy of the shape, and the use of wet film lines or dry film lines, etc., different costs will result, resulting in different prices.

Third, the different technical difficulties of the flexible circuit board itself cause different prices

In the case of the same requirements and processes, if our flexible circuit board itself has different design difficulties, it will also cause different costs. For example, one of the two types of circuit boards has an over-standard hole on the board, and the other is within the conventional range, so the cost of drilling is also different. There is an unfinished circuit. For example, one has a line width and line spacing greater than 0.1MM, and the other is both If it is less than 0.1mm, this will also cause a price difference, because the scrap rate of difficult boards is high, and the cost will inevitably increase, resulting in different prices.

Fourth, the customer requirements are different, the price is also different

 The level of customer requirements will directly affect the production rate of the board factory. For example, a board according to IPC-A-6013, class1 requires a 98% pass rate, but according to class3 requirements, it may only have a pass rate of 90%, resulting in different costs for the board factory. , And finally lead to volatile product prices.

    Five, the price diversity caused by different flexible circuit board manufacturers

    Even for the same product, because different manufacturers have different process equipment and technical levels, different costs will be formed. Nowadays, many manufacturers like to produce gold-plated plates because of the simple process and low cost. However, some manufacturers produce gold-plated plates, and the scrap will increase. As a result of increased costs, they would rather produce tin-sprayed panels or tin-plated panels, so their quotation for tin-sprayed panels is lower than that of gold-plated panels.

    Six, price differences caused by different payment methods

    At present, flexible circuit board manufacturers generally adjust the price of flexible circuit boards according to different payment methods, ranging from 5% to 10%, which also causes price differences.

    7. Different regions cause price diversity

    At present, in terms of geographical location in China, from south to north, prices are increasing. There are certain differences in prices in different regions. Therefore, different regions also cause price diversification.

    Eight, different electroplating methods cause different prices

    Partial electroplating is about 15% of full electroplating.

    Nine, the surface treatment method of the golden finger part

    The difference between gold plating and tin plating is about 5%

    Ten: The defect rate in the FPC production process also determines the unit price of FPC

    Eleven: The cost of SMT on behalf of customers and the level of non-performing rate also determine the unit price of FPC

    From the above discussion, it is not difficult to see that the variety of flexible circuit board prices has its inherent inevitable factors, and only a rough price range can be provided for reference. The actual price shall prevail.