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What are the experiences of making PCB boards in China
PCB Tech
What are the experiences of making PCB boards in China

What are the experiences of making PCB boards in China


If you look at your daily life, you may notice a significant increase in the automotive industry and consumer electronics products that affect your work and life recently. What experience do you have in PCB manufacturing in China?

Although there may be some complaints from dissatisfied customers, most people who order PCBs from China have reported a pleasant experience. Today I asked some typical questions, hoping to help friends who want to buy products in China, avoid some failure experiences, and get perfect services and products. let's start!

Complete turnkey service or only PCB manufacturing

If there is a good reason why you should buy in China, then it is based on the fact that most Chinese companies are very willing to provide you with complete turnkey services or only manufacturing services. A complete turnkey assembly means that your supplier will be responsible for the entire steps of the PCB project, such as the procurement of parts.

In most cases, with a complete turnkey solution, you can focus more freely on PCB design, while the supplier handles other operations. We are a service provided by almost all PCB manufacturers in China. In addition, if you only need PCB manufacturing services-PCB manufacturing, multilayer PCB, PCB design services-please rest assured to find them cheaply in Chinese companies.

pcb board

Some of the advantages associated with a complete turnkey service are that it is ideal for start-ups and small businesses, and an efficient and cost-effective way of assembling and testing circuit boards.

Import modules, purchase parts

If there is a problem that affects most PCB users, you need to find the correct part or assembly for their circuit board. When an error occurs, navigating through the language becomes a problematic exercise when dealing with issues related to time zones. It will bring a lot of trouble to your production process. And the solution is not basic in the future.

But when it comes to manufacturing in China, there are many ready-made parts on the market that you can buy with confidence. 80% of domestic PCBs are solved through large and experienced channels and iterations, which ultimately solves the procurement and manufacturing of parts.

What's even better is that these parts have been tested by domestic authorized dealers many times, and through iterative and experienced channels, they have solved the challenges of manufacturing and parts procurement.

Understanding capabilities and services

An important factor in manufacturing your PCB in China rather than in the United States or any other country is the capabilities and services you can find among Chinese PCB manufacturers. If you compare Chinese PCB manufacturers with other manufacturers, you will find that Chinese manufacturers have many solder masks to prevent leakage of electrical and thermal components. Be sure to discuss with your PCB supplier the ability to compare with other suppliers.

Most of them provide rapid PCB prototyping, low-cost mass production and PCB assembly. In addition, many Chinese PCB manufacturers are highly specialized in precision and large-scale PCB manufacturing. That's not all. Chinese PCB manufacturers usually provide you with a quotation within 48 hours, while American manufacturers take a long time to respond.

Even better, many Chinese PCB manufacturers provide attractive after-sales services. In addition to conducting multiple tests before the product is completed, they are also prepared to bear the cost of their own mistakes.

SMT template service

Surface mount technology, or SMT for short, is a component assembly technology related to printed circuit boards. SMT is currently one of the best technologies because it can achieve higher reliability and density packaging and reduce costs. Currently, this technology is widely used for low-cost and assembly of consumer electronic products.

Unlike other jurisdictions where it may be difficult to find a wide range of SMT template services, the situation in China is different. Here, you can find a variety of SMT templates, such as frameless, framed and prototype templates. A PCB board manufacturer in China is more willing to assist you with SMT template services than found elsewhere.

Mode of transport

When it comes to printed circuit boards, you might want to work with a company that promises to shorten lead times. As mentioned earlier, China controls an important global PCB market, and many engineers choose to order PCBs from China.

But why many people and companies choose to order from China? They do this for many reasons. However, one of the biggest reasons is because almost all Chinese PCB manufacturers cooperate with well-known logistics partners such as DHL, UPS and SF Express to deliver packages on time.

In addition to the shipping method, the Chinese PCB manufacturer will calculate the shipping cost for you before shipping. In addition, their packaging is very good.

payment method

As a customer, you need to make sure that the seller can accept the way you trust the funds to be handled. It can be frustrating to buy a PCB prototype or complete product, but find that your payment options are limited.

In terms of payment methods, Chinese PCB manufacturers provide a variety of payment methods, which are very convenient for almost all customers. Those who like to use PayPal, credit/debit cards and direct bank transfers will find that dealing with Chinese PCB manufacturers is one of the best experiences ever.

Encourage online ordering

Most of China's PCB market is overseas. Considering that you can do it through the Internet, letting customers fly to China to make these purchases is a waste of time, money and related resources. This is why most PCB manufacturers ensure that their ordering process is fast and simple. In order to save customers from the hassle of the traditional ordering process, most of them now adopt a barrier-free online ordering process.

If you happen to order a PCB from China, you will notice how autonomous and fast it is to place an order. In addition to just a few minutes, you can easily track your order before it reaches your door. Even better, if you need, the Chinese manufacturer can provide you with inspection certificates and invoices.

Communication efficiency

Business entities with excellent communication skills have a more significant impact on their customers. Effective communication is the ability of a company or a person to deliver information in a clear and short time. Being able to communicate effectively will have a positive impact on the company, thereby increasing morale, efficiency and productivity.

In terms of communication efficiency, Chinese PCB manufacturers score very high. Looking at their communication platform, you will notice that many of them have multiple ways to communicate with customers. The interaction platform with PCB manufacturers in other countries is limited, and it is also different from Chinese PCB manufacturers.

Any questions can be answered immediately. It will save you a lot of time.

Local manufacturers strive to compete on cost

Although price is not the only factor, if you are keen enough, you will find that a large number of Chinese PCBs are still somewhat cheap. Even better, most PCB manufacturers here will not reduce quality at the expense of price.

That's not all. Although it is difficult for local manufacturers to compete on cost issues, most Chinese PCBs have not only passed high-quality standards, but also passed some environmental certification policies. It is cheap to manufacture or order your PCB from China, and there are no hidden costs.

Strict rules and regulations

China has some laws and regulations on ordering printed circuit boards, but the advantage of doing so is that such rules will be guaranteed by law. Will not harm your rights.

A friend once encountered a work stoppage. As there are no strict rules and regulations, their rights have been compromised.

In China, there are also clear regulations for orders on holidays or other special occasions. Several different rules and regulations cover basic aspects such as factory delays or transportation errors. These need to get your attention, because it will affect the progress of your product. Generally, Chinese PCB companies have strict rules, and you can rest assured to communicate with them.


PCB is vital in the current modern world. As technology continues to improve, it is necessary to introduce the most advanced electronic products and gadgets designed to promote these advancements. PCBs play a vital role in this field.

There are many factors to consider when looking for a reliable PCB turnkey service provider. Delivery time, price, quality, safety, etc. Hope my experience can help your production in China.