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Things to pay attention to when looking for a PCB board factory

Things to pay attention to when looking for a PCB board factory

The important content of PCB engineer's work is PCB circuit board design. For designers, it will be quite a sense of accomplishment to be able to process their own design drawings and use them successfully. PCB circuit board design is more complicated than the design of other products. A small detail error will directly cause the entire PCB board to be scrapped. After the design is completed, it is necessary to process. The PCB processing link is particularly important. How to accurately process the PCB design drawing? What matters should be paid attention to in PCB board processing?

For PCB engineers, in the process of PCB board processing, it is necessary to find a suitable PCB board factory, and the strength of screening circuit board manufacturers should be considered from the following points.

1. Factory scale of PCB board factory

The daily production capacity of PCB board factories, and whether they have experience of cooperating with big brands.

2. Does the process of the PCB board factory meet the design requirements?

It can meet its own process requirements, such as immersion gold process, lead spray tin, etc., to ensure the quality of the PCB board.

3. Whether the equipment of the PCB board factory is advanced

Whether there are big-name and stable production equipment for circuit board production, stable production equipment is directly related to the quality of the PCB board.

Things to pay attention to when looking for a PCB board factory

4. Whether the service of PCB board factory is in place

In addition to product quality, service quality is also an important factor in the inspection of PCB factories. We should try our best to choose PCB factories with complete after-sales systems and strong after-sales guarantees.

After confirming the cooperative circuit board manufacturer, submit the corresponding PCB processing documents to the factory as soon as possible.

For circuit board manufacturers, after receiving an order for PCB processing, the first and most important step is to carefully check the PCB processing documents to avoid a series of subsequent processing problems caused by initial data problems. After confirming that it is correct, complete the process approval and conduct process configuration with its own factory.

In addition to ensuring the quality of PCB boards, PCB manufacturers should also pay attention to the delivery date. At present, customers have higher and higher requirements for delivery. Some users’ demand is to ship within 24 hours. The factory's production capacity and the ability to integrate resources from all parties put forward no small test.

There are many things to pay attention to in the process of PCB processing. Whether you are a PCB engineer or a PCB manufacturer, you must pay attention to many details. I hope this article can help friends in the PCB industry.