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What tests can Shenzhen PCB factory provide?

What tests can Shenzhen PCB factory provide?

After the PCB board is made, testing is also a very critical issue. So under normal circumstances, what are the tests that Shenzhen PCB factories can provide?

The PCB board test is normally placed behind the processing process, and the function is to check the integrity of the PCB product. The test must be carried out in strict accordance with the regulations to improve the accuracy of the test, thereby improving the quality of PCB products. The test categories currently available are as follows:

What tests can Shenzhen PCB factory provide?

1. ICT test

      The test is mainly for PCB circuit boards and components. The application range is small and the equipment is relatively expensive. It is often only used by high-end products; the test content includes circuit on-off, voltage and current values, fluctuation curves, amplitude, and noise Wait.

2. FCT test

      After the PCBA is completed, the program of the product needs to be burned into the IC, and then the functional simulation test of the finished product is performed. This is the FCT test. The test can find out the problems in hardware and software in time, and feedback to customers for improvement. This test is a must for PCB factories.

3. Fatigue test

      The test is to test the durability of the PCB board, and see how long it can withstand the use of it before it will fail. Generally, it is sampled in the same batch; after high frequency and long operation, the probability and proportion of failure are detected. And use this parameter to determine the index of fatigue.

4. Aging test

      The main purpose of this test is to keep the product energized for use, work continuously for a fixed period of time, and observe whether there are failures and malfunctions.

5. Test of extreme conditions

      This test is not commonly used, and is mainly used in military, off-road vehicles, special equipment and other products that will encounter harsh working conditions. The test content includes the limit values of temperature, humidity, drop, water splash, and vibration.

The above is some of the test content and knowledge that Shenzhen PCB factory can provide. I hope my sharing will be helpful to you!