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PCB high performance ceramic capacitors

PCB is one of the important parts of the electronics industry. Almost every kind of electronic equipment needs pcb, as long as there are electronic software such as integrated circuits, pcb is also used for the electrical interconnection between them.
So today I will introduce things related to pcb.

September 9, 2021-KEMET's KONNEKT™ technology is a high-density packaging technology that can realize component interconnection without using a metal frame, thereby reducing the ESR, ESL and thermal resistance of capacitors. This technology uses innovative transient liquid phase sintering (TLPS) materials to create surface mount multi-chip solutions.

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C0G KONNEKT capacitor is also called KC-Link capacitor using KONNEKT technology. It is manufactured with base metal electrode (BME) technology. There is no DC bias and piezoelectric effect, and the capacitance value will not change with temperature. The error is only ±30ppm/° Between C, it is especially suitable for applications that require high performance. They can also be used at temperatures up to 150°C and are available in commercial and automotive versions. The value range of these capacitors is 14 to 880nF, and the voltage range is 500 to 2000V.

U2J KONNEKT capacitors also use Class I ceramic materials, such as NP0 (C0G) materials with a temperature coefficient of N750 (-750+-120ppm/°C). Compared with C0G, at a voltage of 50V, the range of possible capacitance values will be extended to 940nF and 1.4µF.

X7R KONNEKT capacitors are specially designed for applications that require higher capacitance and voltage. The latest generation of 1812 and 2220 size capacitors also have flexible terminations to improve mechanical bendability and thermal cycling performance. As X7R Class II components, they have the smallest change in capacitance (±15%) at ambient temperatures from -55°C to +125°C. The value range of these capacitors is 2.4nF to 20µF, and the voltage range is 25V to 3000V. Commercial and automotive versions are also available.

In order to further improve performance, most components can use both horizontal and vertical chip arrangements. This is called a "low loss" variant, because it further increases the ESR and ESL values, and it is possible to achieve higher ripple currents.


Summary of key points:


Technical features:

•Shell size: 1812; 2220; 3640

•Voltage: 25–3,000V

• Dielectric: X7R; C0G; U2J

• Capacitance: 2.4nF-20µF


Intended applications include wide band gap (WBG), silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) series, data centers, LLC resonant converters, switch-slot converters, wireless charging systems, photovoltaic systems, power converters, inverters Converter, DC link and buffer.

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