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Various developments in the multilayer circuit board industry
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1. Domestic PCB multilayer circuit board companies demand transformation and promotion

In recent years, as the potential power of the Chinese market and the low price of production capital have gradually weakened, as well as the country’s future policy of transforming from the “world production core” to the “international commodity exchange market”, domestic multilayer circuit board companies The progress will have to face the problem of transformation and promotion. Compared with countries such as Europe, America and the East, the weakness of domestic PCB multilayer circuit board companies lies in several major aspects such as technology, quality and scale. This will seriously inhibit domestic PCB multilayer circuit board companies from making progress in the next round of industry. Time market competitiveness.

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Among the companies that produce multilayer circuit board materials such as HDI pcb and flexible pcb, the breaking point is to improve product quality and production scale, and focus on introducing semi-automated intelligent production, such as purchasing powerful stickers, UV (UV) laser cutting machine, ultraviolet (UV) laser punching machine, semi-cured sheet dust-free semi-automatic cutting machine and other production equipment, used to increase the production rate;  At the same time, consolidate and complete product inspection and measurement, such as purchasing special property impedance, ion pollution, number of holes, Ax ray and line width and other accurate inspection and determination spectrographs to ensure the high quality of products. And the manufacturing company that researches and manufactures printed circuit board facilities for the production and inspection of multilayer circuit board, there is no doubt that it will focus more on the development and technology of facilities, improve product quality and performance, and meet customer needs; growth The cost-effective facilities provide customers with better choices.

multilayer circuit board

  Domestic PCB multilayer circuit board companies have not really established a well-known brand at home and abroad. On the one hand, it is because the domestic PCB multi-layer circuit board materials, inspection and measurement spectrographs and equipment, in the product variety, parameter variables Performance, precision, reliability, and stability are equivalent to the world-famous brands of similar products. There is still a certain gap; on the other hand, domestic PCB multi-layer circuit board factories have insufficient understanding and awareness of human community brands, and lack of trust and support. . How to establish the company's brand, exhibit the actual strength of PCB multilayer circuit board companies, and increase the recognition in the domestic industry will greatly help improve the domestic PCB multilayer circuit board companies' market competition at home and abroad. Power, push the progress of the moving community company. There, CPCA held a series of activities such as "Community brand company of outstanding people in China's electronic circuit industry" and "List of young and old in China's printed circuit industry", which contributed to the success of our entire PCB multilayer circuit board industry and its industrial chain. The realization of localization and the expansion of the human community brand has played a very important role in promoting. After these activities, strengthen and improve the domestic PCB multilayer circuit board companies to more experiment and believe in the community company of outstanding people and the community brand of people, and establish a strong brand that represents the advanced products of outstanding companies in the industry and the community of people.

  In the end, I sincerely hope that China's PCB multilayer circuit board companies will actively support domestic products, try to use domestic products, dare to use domestic products, and give priority to buying people’s community brand products. The world's PCB multilayer circuit board industry has made progress in a new period of time to win the opportunity to manufacture internationally famous brands and increase the comprehensive competitiveness of Chinese companies in the world.