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How difficult is it to become a reputable PCB assembly factory?

How difficult is it to become a reputable PCB assembly factory?
Good afternoon, everyone. I took advantage of the whim today to share with friends the topic of becoming a reputable pcb assembly factory. If you want to become a reputable pcb assembly factory, you must have a good reputation. Word of mouth generally refers to people's verbal praise, and it is also a well-known influence. The following is a detailed introduction to the fact that it is not easy to become a reputable pcb assembly factory.

First of all, there are countless pcbassembly factories large and small, not including those small manual workshops. In this multi-employee company, becoming a first-class company has also been praised by everyone. How hard is this? Have you thought about it yourself? Today, we need to change our thinking to analyze this problem.

Today, from an engineering perspective, how difficult is it to make a reputable PCB assembly factory? PCB assembly manufacturers can do this in terms of printed circuit board light boards, SMT chip processing, component selection, DIP plug-in post-welding, assembly and testing.

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1. Printed circuit board light board

There are military-grade high-frequency boards, flexible printed circuit boards, ceramic substrates, characteristic impedance boards, metal substrates, chemical nickel gold boards, thick copper power boards, soft and hard bonding boards, and so on. Then these printed circuit boards of different materials have their own different requirements. The most special thing is that no customer's requirements are the same, so to master these printed circuit board requirements and customer needs, the most important thing is that there can be no difference pool, which is a difficult point. If something goes wrong, all subsequent processes will result in poor quality due to the wrong starting point. Think about the attitudes and reactions of customers.

2. SMT patch

The chip processing process includes: incoming material inspection, solder paste printing, SMT chip processing, immersion soldering, assembly test and first article inspection. This includes SPI solder paste testers, online AOI, offline AOI, x-ray and first-piece detectors. In addition, the quality of the solder paste, the stability of stirring and soldering, and any other poor pools will cause the overall quality problem. If there is a quality problem, it will inevitably affect the reputation of the entire company.

3. Purchase and storage of components

Components, especially humidity-sensitive components, BGA and IC, have strict storage requirements for these special components. If the storage measures are not in place, all the welded parts will not pass the inspection, so this is not only a rework issue, but also affects the release time of the customer's product, resulting in unnecessary time. Cost output. Then customers will definitely weed out related suppliers, and it is more difficult to gain a good reputation than to climb Mount Everest.

Therefore, it is difficult to obtain a good reputation by simply analyzing the above three points introduced by the editor of Baiqiancheng Electronics. So, since 18 years of pcba processing one-stop service, Baiqiancheng Electronics has always put customer product quality at the top of the company’s development, because we believe that only by doing quality work can we help every customer. In turn, customers will help Baiqiancheng Electronics continue to move forward, and it is such a continuous good cycle that has created a good reputation for Baiqiancheng Electronics.

We should do the right thing in this world and don't change our original intention. Let me share how difficult it is to become a reputable PCBassembly factory. Thank you all for reading.