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PCBA workshop environmental management specifications

PCBA workshop environmental management specifications
1. The load-bearing capacity, vibration, and noise requirements of the plant should be greater than 8KN/m2.

Vibration should be controlled within 70dB, and the maximum value should not exceed 80dB. Noise should be controlled within 70dBA.

2. Power

Generally, single-phase AC220 (220±10%, 0/60Hz) and three-phase AC380 (380±10%, 50/60Hz) are required. The power of the power supply should be more than twice the power consumption.

3. Air source

The pressure of the air source can be configured according to the requirements of the equipment. The air source of the factory can be used, or an oil-free compressed air machine can be configured separately. Generally, the pressure is greater than 7kg/cm2. Clean and dry purified air is required, so the compressed air needs to be degreasing, dusting, and water removal treatment. Use stainless steel or pressure-resistant plastic pipes for air ducts.

4. Exhaust

pcb board

Reflow soldering and wave soldering equipment need to be equipped with exhaust fans. For all hot blast stoves, the minimum flow rate of the exhaust duct is 500 cubic feet per minute (14.15m3/min)

5. Lighting

The ideal illuminance in the workshop is 800~1200LUX, at least not less than 300LUX. When the illuminance is low, install local lighting in the inspection, repair, measurement and other work areas.

6. Working environment

The workshop should be kept clean and sanitary, free of dust and corrosive gases. The production workshop should have cleanliness control, and the cleanliness should be controlled at: 500,000.

The best ambient temperature in the production workshop is 23±3℃, generally 17~28℃, and the relative humidity is 45%~70%RH. According to the size of the workshop, set a suitable thermometer and hygrometer for regular monitoring and temperature adjustment. Humidity facilities.

1. Purpose

Implement proper management of the working environment, and comprehensively strengthen the daily control of PCBA to ensure quality and ensure that the environment will not affect product compliance. Improve efficiency and brew a good working environment.

2. Scope of application

It is suitable for the management of the working environment of the PCBA workshop product realization process.
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