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What is the mechanical stress in PCBA assembly?

What is the mechanical stress in PCBA assembly?
Mechanical stress is caused by external reasons. When the body is deformed (force, load, temperature change, etc.), the interaction between the body parts of the internal force is generated in order to resist the influence of this external cause, and try to restore the body from the deformed position to the before deformed position. s position.

The mechanical stress in the assembly manufacturing process mainly includes the following aspects:


1. The pressure applied to PCBA when operating molds and equipment.


For example, when the PCBA is taken out of a tight fixture, the chip capacitor will break. Improper adjustment of the support on the second side of the double-sided printing caused cracks or damage to the top mounted components; the manual board appeared to be damaged or the components were damaged.


pcb board

2. The force exerted by the rapidly changing temperature difference on the PCBA during the soldering process.


In the process of PCBA reflow soldering, wave soldering and manual soldering, the temperature difference is too large, which may cause the PCB to warp. The solidification of the solder will generate mechanical stress on the components of the PCB, causing stress cracks in the ceramic and glass parts of the component. Stress cracking is an unfavorable factor that affects the long-term reliability of solder joints.


3. The tolerance of mechanical shock caused by collision and drop caused by improper use of PCBA.

Solder joints are generally not damaged by mechanical shock. However, the welding structure of other parts will fail. For example, the large inertia force generated by large and heavy lead components when subjected to mechanical impact will cause the copper covering on the PCB to peel off or the board to break, thereby damaging the component itself.
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