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The work content of PCBA quality inspectors in SMT processing plants

The work content of PCBA quality inspectors in SMT processing plants

1 Daily morning meeting Every morning 7:50 to participate in the morning meeting organized by the IPQC team leader;

2 Process inspection Every 2HR conducts inspection tour according to "SMT inspection record sheet", "BOM table" and "QC management engineering drawing" to confirm whether the operator is strictly following the work instructions and record the inspection results in the " IPQC Line Inspection Record Form";

3 Process inspection daily 8:00~9:00, 20:00~21:00 in the evening, check the electrostatic ring, and record the result in the "Static Ring Inspection Table", according to the "Temperature Tester Operation and Maintenance" Standards shall check the soldering iron temperature before 10:00 am every day and before 22:00 at night, and record the results on the “Soldering Iron Temperature Check Table”. The equipment repair and maintenance status of the Engineering Department shall be inspected once a day in accordance with the corresponding "Operation and Maintenance Specifications", recorded in the inspection table and signed for confirmation. Check the chip's burning status every two hours according to the inspection items in the "Chip Burning Inspection Record Table", and record the spot inspection in the "Chip Burning Inspection Report"; once every 2 hours, refer to the "Oven "Operation and Maintenance Specifications" confirm whether the baking time and temperature settings of the baking materials in the oven are correct, and sign on the "Material Baking Time/Temperature Record Sheet" for confirmation

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4 First article inspection The first article of each batch of products just produced or the first product just produced after the midway transfer is carried out according to the "BOM"; when the software is burned online, the first article is burned Check and confirm the correctness of the recorded model, manufacturing order, software version/name, etc., and record the inspection results in the "Online Software Burning Inspection Record Sheet"; each time SMT refuels, refer to the "BOM List", Check the material name, specification model, environmental protection requirements, silk screen, etc. in the material station table, and sign and confirm in the "Midway Feeding Table" after verification.

5 Processing of abnormal quality of the production line When abnormal quality of the production line occurs, promptly issue an "abnormal occurrence report" and notify the SMT extension, the IPQC team leader, and the project to analyze and improve;

6 Report preparation: Fill in and sort out various reports of the day before the end of get off work every day, and submit them to the IPQC team leader on the same day

7 Temporary work Complete other work arranged by the quality supervisor and IPQC team leader in time. Our factory is located in China. For decades, Shenzhen has been known as the world's electronics R&D and manufacturing center. Our factory and website are approved by the Chinese government, so you can skip the middlemen and buy products on our website with confidence. Because we are a direct factory, this is the reason why 100% of our old customers continue to purchase on iPCB.

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