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What conveniences can the PCBA one-stop platform provide customers?

What conveniences can the PCBA one-stop platform provide customers?
PCBA one-stop service, that is, the customer sends all the materials to the factory, the factory directly assembles the finished product and sends it to the customer, and the customer only needs to inspect at the last minute. With the popularity of this one-stop service, many PCBA one-stop service platforms have appeared in the market. Today we will take a look at what convenient services it can provide customers with?

According to traditional practices, many electronic product manufacturers often find professional PCB factories to make circuit boards and SMT manufacturers to make patches, and then assemble, test and sell the products themselves after acceptance. Is this habitual mode of operation really the best implementation plan for customers?

actually not. If you add up the raw material procurement costs, inventory costs, and the participation costs of related personnel, and then compare the quotations of PCBA labor and materials, you may be surprised to find that the overall PCBA manufacturing cost of the company has dropped. On the surface The price seems to have risen, but in fact it is showing a downward trend. At this time, do you still think that PCB outsourcing SMT processing is the best solution?


From the above discussion, we can also conclude that the PCBA one-stop platform provides customers with overall PCBA manufacturing solution services. Through the processes of PCB circuit board manufacturing, SMT chip processing, electronic component procurement, etc., the comprehensive cost of personnel, warehousing, logistics and other aspects is truly reduced, and the risk and cycle of the supply chain link are greatly shortened and the cycle is created for customers to quickly seize the market. A more powerful condition.

Therefore, the development of PCBA one-stop service platform is the general trend. For customers and service providers, only by continuously integrating and innovating on the basis of traditional practices, and consciously transforming to the PCBA approach, can you seize the opportunities of market development and strengthen your right to speak.

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