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How to reduce PCBA manufacturing cost in pcba processing

How to reduce PCBA manufacturing cost in pcba processing
Now the competition in PCBA processing is very fierce, and the manufacturing cost is getting higher and higher. How to save costs has become the primary consideration for various manufacturers. The following editor summarizes how to reduce PCBA manufacturing costs in PCBA processing:

1. The size of the pcb board is an important point. The smaller the board size, the lower the cost. The size of part of the PCB has become the standard, try to use the standard size of the pcb board at the lowest cost.

2. Using SMT patch will save money than plug-in, because SMT can paste more components on the board, it is easy to process, machine patch, processing cost is low, efficiency is high, and processing time is saved.

3. Reasonable arrangements and comprehensive considerations must be made when designing. If the components on the pcb board are very dense, then the pcb wiring must be finer, and the equipment used must be relatively higher-end. At the same time, the material used for the pcb should be better, and more care should be taken in the design of the cable, so as to avoid problems that affect the circuit such as power consumption. The cost of these problems can be more than the savings of reducing the size of the PCB.


4. The more layers of the PCB, the higher the cost. PCBs with fewer layers usually increase the size. We must take into account and make a reasonable choice.

5. Drilling takes time, so the fewer guide holes, vias, and sinks on the PCB, the better. Reliability will be improved and processing will be simpler.

6. In terms of technology, blind holes are more expensive than through holes. Mainly, blind holes must be drilled before fitting.

7. The diameter of the guide hole on the pcb board is determined according to the diameter of the part pin. There are parts with different types of pins on the board. The machine cannot use the same drill bit to drill all the holes. The drill bit will be replaced in the middle and a new program will be set. It is relatively time-consuming, and the manufacturing cost is relatively increased. The selection of parts should also be considered, and try to use common components.

8. The electronic test of the flying probe detection method is more expensive than the optical method. In fact, in general, optical testing is sufficient to ensure that there are no errors on the PCB.

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