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How to judge the quality of PCB board?
PCB News
How to judge the quality of PCB board?

How to judge the quality of PCB board?


How to judge the quality of PCB board?
  In the electronics industry, the cost of PCB board materials is rising, and the competition between various circuit board manufacturers is becoming increasingly fierce. In order to allow their own manufacturers' PCB boards to have more market share, many manufacturers have adopted low-cost strategies to monopolize the circuit boards. market. However, low-priced PCB boards often mean reductions in manufacturing process costs and material costs, and there is no adequate guarantee for the quality of electronic components, such as cracks, scratches, low precision, and poor performance, resulting in the final PCB board. Poor reliability has caused waste in vain. So, with many PCB board brands and products on the market now, what method should be used to distinguish the quality of the circuit board when purchasing? Regarding this issue that the majority of users are concerned about, the industry recommends starting from the appearance of the circuit board and the quality specification requirements of the circuit board.

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  1. Judging by the appearance characteristics of the intuitive PCB board

  In the current circuit board market, the appearance of finished circuit boards produced by different manufacturers are still quite different. Whether their quality is reliable and whether the precision is up to standard can be distinguished from the appearance characteristics.

  1. Distinguish from the gloss and color of the circuit board

  When testing the quality of the PCB circuit board, you may wish to look at the color of the circuit board and the amount of ink, and whether there is copper exposure. If you find that the circuit board is not bright enough and the amount of ink is low, then the quality of the insulation board itself is not good enough. Possible.

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  2. Determined according to the consistency of the circuit board size and requirements

  After receiving the PCB board, the customer of the customized circuit board can determine whether the quality of the sample circuit board is consistent or not by checking whether the thickness and specifications of the sample circuit board are consistent. If the size and thickness of the circuit board are inconsistent with the requirements, it means that it is unreliable.

  3. Judge good or bad by circuit board welding technology

  Reliable boards have high reliability in the welding technology of parts, and there will be no parts that are easy to fall off, while boards with poor quality are easy to fall off because of poor welding technology.

  Second, judge by whether the PCB board production process is industry standard or not

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  Generally speaking, this kind of judgment is mostly used by professional quality inspectors, because it requires more professional judgment, such as:

  1. The copper elements on the surface of the high-quality PCB circuit board ensure that it is not easy to oxidize and should not fall off under heat.

  2. The electrical connection of the circuit board, the line width and line thickness of the circuit itself meet the requirements.

  3. The circuit board itself does not have additional electromagnetic radiation, and its surface mechanics data must also meet the relevant requirements.

 There is so much to know about the way to judge the quality of the PCB. In order to ensure the reliable quality of the PCB you choose, it is recommended that you purchase it carefully.