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What are the PCBA processing procedures?
PCB News
What are the PCBA processing procedures?

What are the PCBA processing procedures?


What are the PCBA processing procedures? The most detailed process is here!
  When it comes to pcba, I believe that many people are familiar with it. It mainly uses PCB bare boards for component placement, plug-in, and the process of realizing the soldering process. In the pcba production process, multiple procedures must be passed to ensure that the production is completed. , The following editor will briefly introduce the pcba processing flow for everyone.

  1. SMT patch processing link

  1. The solder paste needs to be thawed after being taken out of the refrigerator, stirred with a machine, and placed on the stencil, and the solder paste is printed on the PCB pad by a scraper.

  2. It is necessary to use a solder paste thickness detector to detect the thickness of the solder paste, so that the purpose of controlling the printing effect of the solder paste can be achieved.

  3. It is necessary to place the patch components on the feeder, and install the PCB pads according to the recognition of the placement machine head.

  4. The mounted PCB board needs to be reflow soldered. In this case, the high temperature inside will cause the paste-like solder paste to heat up and become liquid, and finally cool and solidify to complete the soldering.

  5. Carry out automatic optical inspection, so that the defects of the board can be detected, and the defects need to be repaired.

  2. DIP plug-in processing link

  1. Process the plug-in materials, and then install it on the PCB board.


  2. The assembled board is soldered through the wave crest, and the soldering process can be completed.

  3. After the soldering is completed, the pins of the board need to be cut corners, and the components are manually soldered with electric iron.

  4. Since the boards that have just been welded will be dirty, machine cleaning is also needed to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

  5. The last is quality inspection. Unqualified products need to be repaired, and qualified products can go to the next process.

PCBA board

  Three, Pcba test link

  When conducting pcba test, it can be divided into ICT test, aging test, fct test, vibration test and other tests according to the test link.

  All finished products must go through these tests before they can proceed to subsequent product packaging. PCB testing exists as an important test. It can be tested according to the needs of different customers and the characteristics of different products. Its testing The techniques are all targeted. For example, the ICT test is mainly to test some welding conditions of the original device, and also to test the on-off condition of the line, and the FCT test is to test its output parameters and input parameters, check these parameters does it reach the requirement.

  Fourth, finished product assembly

  For the pcba board that has no problem in the test, connect the shell to assemble, you can directly contact the logistics company for shipment

  This is probably the case for the pcba processing process. Since the production is interlocking, one link is connected to the other. If there is a problem in one link, then the quality of the entire product will be problematic, so it is said that the process is being processed. At that time, we must strictly control each process to avoid problems.