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Why sign a pcba processing quality agreement and what are the contents?
PCB News
Why sign a pcba processing quality agreement and what are the contents?

Why sign a pcba processing quality agreement and what are the contents?


Why sign a pcba processing quality agreement and what are the contents?
  When enterprises are processing PCBA, in order to ensure the quality and delivery period of PCBA, it is necessary to sign a PCBA processing quality agreement to clarify the responsibilities of both parties. In this way, the responsibilities and obligations of both parties can be guaranteed, and the responsibilities can be clearly defined, and at the same time, in a fair and just manner. The contract is signed in principle. The editor below will bring you a complete set of pcba processing quality agreement for your reference.

  The purpose of signing the agreement

  When signing the pcba processing quality agreement, it is necessary to ensure that the pcba processing technology provided by Party B meets the national requirements in terms of quality and environmental protection, and clarify the various problems and solutions of technical responsibilities and environmental protection. At the same time, both parties should be strict It is required to abide by the provisions of the terms of this agreement. If there is a mass quality problem of the product due to the violation of the agreement, then the breaching party shall bear all the responsibilities and make compensation in accordance with the provisions of the agreement.

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  The content of pcba processing quality agreement

  1. Quality inspection standards

  All pcba assembly processes must meet the acceptance standards and the relevant process standards provided by Party A.

  2. Quality Assurance Regulations


  1. Party B should provide quality assurance in accordance with Party A's requirements, and the certification right should belong to Party B, so Party A cannot make mandatory requirements.

  2. When the technical drawing, raw material processing and production process or material changes approved by both parties, Party B shall be notified in advance in writing, and Party B shall review all the change requirements, if Party B has not received written notice from Party A If you make arbitrary changes under the following rules, it shall be deemed to have made changes on your own, and Party A shall impose corresponding penalties on Party B.

  3. For the processing of an order, if it is necessary to replace Party A’s materials or use a different order from Party A for processing and production, it can only be used after Party A’s written consent.

  Three, product inspection judgment

  Party A should conduct random inspections and acceptance of the products provided by Party B. If one of the products is found to be unqualified, it is because the batch of products is unqualified.

  4. Economic Compensation for Quality Responsibility

  For each qualified product, statistical work should be carried out one by one. If the single-month pass rate of the patch type is less than 90%, and the single-month batch of the component type is less than 99.5%, each lower percentage point should be deducted from the total of the month. Processing costs 1%, and so on for clarification of responsibilities.

   These are the relevant content of the pcb processing quality agreement. When signing the agreement, you must read the relevant content of the agreement in advance, so that you can clarify the responsibilities and obligations of both parties, and if there are any problems, you can proceed in accordance with the content of the agreement. Division of responsibilities and obtain a certain amount of financial compensation.