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About PCB BGA rework industry development
PCB News
About PCB BGA rework industry development

About PCB BGA rework industry development


For people outside the PCB BGA rework industry, many people don’t know what a BGA rework station is and what it does. But for people in the PCB BGA rework industry, I believe everyone knows what a BGA rework station is, because some people must deal with it every day. With the rapid development of the BGA rework industry in recent years, the use of BGA rework stations has become more and more widely used. Then we will introduce the function of PCB BGA rework stations and how to use them.

First of all, we need to figure out what is the PCB BGA rework station, we must first figure out what is BGA. BGA is a chip packaging technology that improves the performance of digital products and reduces the volume of PCB products through the ball grid array structure. All digital products through this packaging technology have a common feature, that is, small size, strong performance, low cost, and powerful.

Knowing what BGA is, it is easy to know what a BGA rework station is. In fact, the working principle of the BGA rework station is to repair machinery and equipment for BGA chips. When it is detected that a certain chip has a problem and must be repaired, then a BGA rework station must be used. This is the function of the BGA rework station.

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The use of BGA rework station has several advantages compared with BGA rework station without BGA rework station:

The first is the high success rate of repairs. Like the new generation of optical alignment BGA rework station launched by Weitai BGA rework station, the success rate of repairing BGA can reach 100%.

The second is simple operation. Using the BGA rework station to repair BGA, any novice who has never been in contact with BGA can become a BGA rework master in a few minutes of learning. This has no technical content, and only needs to operate according to the manufacturer’s technical engineer training process. NS.

The third is the use of PCB BGA rework station is not easy to damage the BGA chip and PCB board. Everyone knows that high temperature heating is required when reworking BGA. At this time, the temperature control accuracy is very high, and a slight error may cause the BGA chip and PCB board to be scrapped. However, the temperature control accuracy of the BGA rework station can be accurate to within 2 degrees, so as to ensure that the chip is intact during the process of reworking the BGA chip. This is also one of the techniques used by the BGA rework station.

The fourth is that the PCB BGA rework station needs to be maintained regularly according to the maintenance table during use, because after all, the BGA rework station is a relatively large device, and sometimes the continuous working time is relatively long, so it must be maintained. Can make PCB BGA rework station use longer.

Through the above points, it is not difficult to see that the function of the PCB BGA rework station is very simple. It is the equipment used to rework the PCB computer motherboard chip. And through the above four points of BGA rework station operation skills, you can easily rework the BGA chip. Of course, when buying a BGA rework station, it is recommended that you buy a three-temperature zone and optical alignment PCB BGA rework station. In this case, the repair yield is higher.