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The principle of AOI detection and reliable PCBA manufacturers
The principle of AOI detection and reliable PCBA manufacturers

The principle of AOI detection and reliable PCBA manufacturers


Principles and advantages of AOI detection in SMT patch processing

In the small target SMT patch processing industry, AOI detection is essential. So what is AOI testing? AOI stands for Automatic Optical Detector. It is a new device that has only become popular in recent years. It can

In the small target SMT patch processing industry, AOI detection is essential. So what is AOI testing? AOI stands for Automatic Optical Detector. It is a new device that has only become popular in recent years. It can automatically patrol, automatically alarm, display abnormalities, and fully realize automation.

1. The principle of AOI detection

Principle: Use the optical principle to scan the PCB with the camera on the equipment, collect images, and compare the collected solder joint data with the qualified data of the machine database, and after image processing, mark the PCB soldering status.

Second, the advantages of AOI testing

As some electronic products are becoming smaller and smaller, PCB circuit boards are becoming more and more sophisticated, and the difficulty of manual inspection of PCB boards is increasing. The inspection speed is slower than that of machines. Long-term inspections are also prone to eye fatigue and missed inspections. In order to improve work efficiency, AOI can reflect its superiority.

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The advantages of AOI are as follows:

1. Save manpower and reduce labor costs;

2. Increase production efficiency and increase production capacity;

3. Unified testing standards, no difference due to different line types;

4. Timely feedback and statistics of production problems;

5. Collect testing data, provide process analysis, and strengthen process capabilities;

6. Improve the rate of warehousing good products.

3. The position of AOI inspection in the small target SMT patch processing production line

1. Use after the placement machine: it can effectively prevent the missing, polarity, displacement, tombstone, reverse, etc. of the components.

2. Use after reflow soldering: Located at the end of the production line, the inspection system can check the missing, offset and skewed components, the correctness of the solder joints and insufficient solder paste, solder short circuits, lifted pins and all polarity defects.

Although AOI detection has a great advantage over manual inspection, AOI detection is not a panacea, and there will be technical blind spots, which will lead to misjudgment. At this time, manual judgment is required.

2. PCBA manufacturers are more reliable

PCBA manufacturing currently tends to be intelligent and has higher requirements, but many companies are from non-disciplinary backgrounds, so the quality is uneven. Some users will feel that if the quality of PCBA is not reliable, it will affect daily use. , Unable to gain a foothold in the market, so how to choose a manufacturer has become the most critical topic. When selecting, from the following aspects, we can choose the manufacturer that satisfies ourselves.

The development of PCBA is an extremely complex process, and each department needs to coordinate with each other. Therefore, from the degree of specialization, it is possible to know whether a manufacturer has better strength. In addition, you should look at whether there are professional equipment, because in the entire SMT processing and production process, high-speed placement machines, detectors and online testing equipment are also needed, which are the basis of the production process. If a manufacturer doesn't even have these basic equipment, how can it be called a reliable manufacturer, and how can it bring complete equipment to consumers?

What kind of PCBA manufacturer is more reliable

In addition, PCBA manufacturers must be required to have professional equipment, because in the entire production process, they need to use these professional equipment and process management. If there is no process management, the quality of the product cannot be guaranteed. If the selected manufacturer Able to pass the quality management system, which shows that you have excellent quality. If you want to know whether the other party’s manufacturer has an advantage, you can check the manufacturer’s qualification certification, as well as some documents, through which you can understand what quality the current factory has, and see if there are requirements in terms of quality control.

If there is a problem with the circuit board, it will definitely affect the normal use. First of all, we should pay attention to anti-corrosion, anti-mildew, and moisture-proof measures. Although the method of spraying and immersion will be added during the PCBA development process, the surface can be covered, but it is not Ensure that each product has the function of insulation or heat resistance. Therefore, you should choose a better method, which can truly achieve the effect of anti-corrosion and have the effect of anti-leakage. Usually, you need to carefully check the circuit during use, so that the use time can be extended.

PCBA has a wide range of effects, mainly on circuit boards that have been assembled, or various electronic parts, which can effectively protect the circuit boards, avoid high pollution, and avoid chemical corrosion during high tide. And other effects, focusing on this aspect, can reduce the signal impact in the working process, even in the harsh environment, do not need to worry too much, these are all you need to pay attention to during use.