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SMT patch accounting points and quotation charges
SMT patch accounting points and quotation charges

SMT patch accounting points and quotation charges


smt patch processing

1. SMT patch processing fee: batch orders are calculated according to the number of component patch points (unit: point). The unit price of smt patch is between 0.02 and 0.01 (unit: yuan), and the unit price of SMT patch is priced according to the order quantity and the difficulty of pcba. Of course, the larger the order quantity, the more favorable the price will be. The smaller the order quantity or the higher the difficulty of the board, the equipment efficiency of the placement factory will not reach, and the price will have some differences.

Second, SMT patch start-up fee: a single batch of a single pcba processing fee of less than 1,000 yuan is a small batch processing order. The order of small batch SMT placement processing will be calculated according to the number of points, the type of kanban sub-components, the time of debugging the placement machine, and the difficulty of making the first piece will be charged with a start-up fee ranging from 500 to 8,000 yuan.

pcb board

3. SMT patch proofing fee: SMT patch processing order is an SMT patch proofing order with less than 100 pieces, the difficulty of the board, the time of the program, and the time for the machine to transfer are different, and the charge is 800 yuan to Engineering costs ranging from 8,000 yuan.

Fourth, SMT patch steel mesh fee: according to the size of the PCB board, open different types of steel mesh. According to the precision of the chips on the PCBA board, choose to turn on the electro-polished steel mesh or the ordinary steel mesh. The cost of different types of stencils ranges from 120 to 350. Of course, customers can also provide their own steel mesh.

SMT processing quotation needs information: BOM document, PDF patch map, model picture, etc., so that a more accurate quotation can be provided!

How does SMT processing count? What is the standard for calculating points?

 1. The calculation method of the points, please show the model if there is any special.

1. The common capacitor resistance of 0402, 0603, 0805 counts as one point, and the 2 pins of 1206 diodes count as one point.

2. Four feet such as IC count as one point.

3. The size of the test component of the special-shaped piece.

2. SMT chip processing unit price

1. The unit price is based on the process:

A, solder paste has lead SMT patch processing

B, solder paste lead-free SMT patch processing

C. Red glue environmental protection SMT patch processing

D. Solder paste and red glue dual process SMT patch processing cost is high, and the process is relatively troublesome.

2. According to the order quantity:

A. Common SMT patch proofing processing 3-20 pieces, will charge engineering fees, will not be calculated by multiplying the unit price by the number of points.

B. Small batch SMT chip processing and production of less than 1,000 pieces will be charged a start-up fee + points multiplied by the unit price.

C. Batch SMT patch processing is calculated by multiplying the calculated points by the unit price.

3. According to the difficulty of the board

A. The single-sided SMT patch processing is relatively fast, and the double-sided SMT patch processing needs to transfer the line twice, and the cost is higher.

B. More precise SMT patch processing. If there is BGA\high-density IC. The solder paste for the board will be expensive.

C. Density of SMD components There are many points in the same size PCB board. The efficiency will be high, because the shorter the stroke of the coordinates when the placement machine is working, the faster the SMT wafer processing will be.