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Matters needing attention in SMT production
Matters needing attention in SMT production

Matters needing attention in SMT production


SMT placement machine is actually divided into several stages before production. Including start-up inspection, initial inspection, start-up, production, shutdown, etc. Most of the time we only pay attention to a certain detail, but cannot explain it in detail. Today, IPCB will share with you: the precautions of the SMT placement machine in the production stage. In addition, we separately analyze the "SMT production" stage today.

1. Choose a substrate plan and prepare for the SMT production stage

Step 1: On the production design operation page, click the select button and enter the substrate PCB substrate selection window;

Step 2: Click the select button to complete the substrate selection operation.

Step 3: The machine reads the board data, returns to the main interface, and verifies the set parameters with the engineering data.

2. Adjust the guide rail to ensure that the PCB substrate can enter the distribution frame at the set speed

On the main interface, click the device transmission width button of the device transmission system to enter the information transmission width management interface. After the changed transmission width is used as the input substrate width of different sizes, click the "OK" button to continuously adjust the width of the design guide rail. Then gently push the substrate to confirm that the PCB circuit board has a very small gap of about 1mm on the transmission track.

PCBA and SMT production factory

PCBA and SMT production factory

3. Inspection materials produced by SMT

Click the production design button in the main interface, click the (feeder list) button in the lower left corner, move the scroll bar, you can see the position of the material in the feeder list window, and then install the feeder in a fixed location according to the engineering data Position to ensure smooth inhalation of materials.

Installation steps of SMT production feeder:

1. Press the emergency stop button and open the cover.

If the feeder is installed without stopping the SMT placement machine, it is dangerous to get involved in the SMT placement machine.

2. Clean the dust on the feeding rack

If parts or dust get stuck in the feeder, the feeder will tilt, resulting in unstable adsorption.

3. Install the feeder

The handle of the elevator feeder is aligned with the installation position of the feeder, and the upper sliding rail is inserted into the positioning hole at the same time.

4. Check the paper feeder again, whether the cover tape is loose, and whether the information is correctly inserted in place.

This is also what SMT technicians need to train before starting. The above is a review of the precautions of the placement machine in the production stage.

Speaking of this, I think as a PCBA and SMT production factory, it is necessary to share our technician evaluation criteria with all interested customers. Our smt technicians need to be assessed 100%, and only technicians who pass the assessment can be certified. This job certificate According to the requirements of the day on duty, it must be published on the operation desk for customer verification.