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What is the focus of smt placement equipment application?
What is the focus of smt placement equipment application?

What is the focus of smt placement equipment application?


The application of smt placement equipment needs to pay attention to a lot of content, for example, a comprehensive understanding of smt placement equipment, maintenance and maintenance of placement machines, formulation and implementation of operating procedures, operator training, and management of accessories and spare parts, but from Fundamentally speaking, in addition to these conventional contents, two aspects must be paid attention to:

1. Process quality

The key approach is to distinguish the characteristics and parameters of the process and equipment. For any product, there should be clear process requirements first, and then from the process requirements what equipment characteristic parameters will affect these process characteristics, clarify how to set and control these equipment characteristic parameters, and what indicators can be set and controlled to ensure good Craftsmanship.

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For example, when there is a new packaged device on a product, there must be a basis for judging its processability: the packaged device must be accurately mounted on the placement machine used, and a certain type of placement machine sucks The mouth must be able to pick it up from the packaging steadily and accurately every time. To ensure this, it is necessary to evaluate or measure which parameters of the device to be sure that it will not be a problem in the smt placement process. For an smt chip processing company, it should obtain and accumulate practical data in this area through technical analysis and experiments, that is, the "weight/pickup area ratio" and "volume/pickup area ratio" for the placement machine device. As well as the "package size standard" of the device, these technical data are very important, and are generally not clearly specified in the technical indicators of the placement machine. As a mature large-scale enterprise, it should formulate corresponding technical specifications according to its actual application; use technical data to assist us in handling and standardizing this aspect, to avoid blindness and randomness in process implementation.

In fact, after the placement machine is installed, the technician must specify the capability index for them, which is the "equipment specification." This set of specifications indicates the capabilities of equipment and production lines, so the capabilities of the process must be limited by the capabilities of the equipment. For example, the maximum placement pressure of the placement machine used is 20N, which may not be able to handle devices that require high pressure (such as devices with extra pins or some sockets). Technologists must use these specifications as a basis when designing product processes or certifying the manufacturability of new devices. It should also be noted that the equipment is only one of the factors that support the process, so in the application of the equipment, we should consider other factors and deal with it at the same time.

2. Production efficiency

No company will ignore the production efficiency. When considering the configuration of the placement equipment, it must meet the characteristics of the product and the production mode. In the use of placement equipment, ensuring a certain production efficiency has become the basic requirement and Work is critical.

There are many factors that affect smt patch proofing or processing and production efficiency, such as batch size, product type and related output, etc., will change over time, but as far as the placement equipment itself is concerned, the various factors that determine production efficiency can be summarized. Aspect factors, for example, "mounting rate" is one of the important factors. The specific reasons that affect the placement rate can be confirmed from the aspects of device packaging quality, feeders, suction nozzles, inspection systems, and process equipment management.